Cramming a rental ad into 50 words or less is a thing of the past.

Do you have questions about rental investing? Check out this post for some common questions a real estate investor who is interested in rental properties would be interested in exploring before diving into this article. It’s easier than ever to post rental listings online. But writing an effective rental ad is harder than you think. I’m currently in […]

the housing market and new construction may be on the upswing in 2015

Rental markets will stay strong While first time home ownership will rise in 2015, thanks to households headed by 30-somethings bankrolled by greater job security and rising confidence in the housing market, younger Millennials leaving college dorms and their parent’s homes will keep the rental market robust. Americans in their 20s strongly prefer to rent […]


What features do Americans consider when it comes to describing preferable homes? IKEA thought it best to ask this of 4,000 Americans, between ages 25-54 with an income of $35k, to discover what they described as good homes based on their living habits. It is vital to know what people look for in prospective homes […]

In the wake of the 2008 Financial/Housing Crisis, the real estate industry was dealt a series of direct blows (as could be expected), and indirect effects continue to exacerbate the pummeling; at ground zero the dust has not settled, but what can be deciphered is a re-assignment of equity and the subsequent paradigm shift within […]

Recently, our congress successfully passed new legislation, courageously recomposing century-old U.S. financial rules. It seems our buddies in D.C. have acquired great economic know-how, unseating 80 years of financial thought in a single, 24-hour session. The method of attack dealt with added regulation in derivative trading, and more specifically – Credit Default Swaps. Today, I will explain CDS’s, their influence on U.S. real estate, and how this new legislation will drastically affect everyone from the mighty real estate investor to the common renter. So, get involved and find out how this revolution to financial rules will affect both your personal and professional world

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Be you a seller, landlord, manager, tenant, or investor, it’s a looming thought: “when will the real estate market pick up? Though your reasons to pursue the answer may differ, it is, regardless, a common theme. So, our aim today is to help you grasp the fundamental economics behind the United States real estate market, while displaying the importance of the information to you.

Firstly, let me emphasize that our current economic situation is atypical to anything that most of us have lived through, so it is important to look outside the realm of stock prices when gauging what will happen to the real estate market. Next, it’s important for you to understand real estate’s place in the economy in order to form your future life or business strategies. Let’s get started.

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