Just like with most things, people usually don’t read the fine print when they purchase something. Everything comes with a fine print and that includes your homeowners insurance. While the obvious types of damages are covered, it’s the not obvious ones that have a tendency of causing you a headache. Here is a list of a few situations that are normally covered and not covered with your home owners insurance.

Electricity Issues.

Under home owners insurance you can be covered for items in your home that are damaged due to electricity. Even if it’s just your air conditioning unit in the back yard that gets struck with lightning.

However in the situation where the transformer down the street gets hits and knocks out power for the whole block, you are not covered for things such as food going sour in the fridge or freezer. Although there is often time an option to purchase insurance for this, just in case.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane!

While you see a story on the news ever few years about a plane crashing from the sky or a piece of space debris falling to the Earth, you never really think it could happen to you. But just what if?

It’s a good thing you’re home owners insurance will cover man-made objects that fall from the sky. And just in the event you’re a little more paranoid than most, it usually even covers you in the event of meteor damage.

Mother Nature.

Of course there are the usual insurance coverages for hail and tornado’s. But what about the more extreme side of Mother Nature that most forget about? Just like flood insurance, earthquake insurance coverage must usually be purchased separately especially if you live on a fault line or in flood prone areas.

But what about the even more extreme parts of Mother Nature, like random sink holes or, let’s say, volcanoes? Sink holes are fairly random so coverage for that disaster must also be purchased separately. Strangely enough, you’re more likely to get better volcano ash coverage than earthquake coverage. At least that’s good for your dream vacation home in Hawaii.

For the People, By the People.

In the scary event where your home is damaged during a riot, such as vandalism or fires, your home is usually covered. And in the cases where it is a gas line explodes, you are also normally covered. Normally, but you really should always read the fine print.

Bodily Harm.

There is the option to have any injuries or damages you can be liable for on your property covered. However, what you may not know is that communicable sicknesses are not counted in that. Meaning, if someone sues you for breaking their leg after they fell down your broken steps, then you care covered. However if they come to visit you while you have chicken pox and they end up sick as well, they can sue you and your insurance will not cover those damages.

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  1. That’s good to know that earthquake coverage is purchased separately. I guess it’s important to know what disasters are common to your region. You’d definitely want that coverage for earthquakes in California because of their frequent earthquakes. http://publicadj.com/home.html

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that homeowners insurance could also help cover you if someone was injured in your home. This would be a great option for those who have swimming pools or trampolines. Accidents can happen with fun amenities like those; knowing that you’re covered would give some peace in mind.

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