6 Ways To Prevent Problems In Rental Units

Sprucing up your rental units isn’t all that different from taking care of your own house. You want to make sure that all the little details are attended to before they end up becoming big problems.

Of course, a regular walk around and routine inspections can help, but also, if you take care of these 6 things while they’re small issues, they never really need to become big problems at all.

Little Pest Problem? No Problem

If you wait until someone complains about the roaches, you’re going to have a lot more roaches than they’ve even seen. This holds true of pretty much every kind of pest there is. There are a couple of ways to prevent this before it becomes an issue- first, make sure you’ve got a regular guy coming in, spraying or inspecting for potential issues.

Secondly, make sure that your tenants aren’t gross. What may seem like common sense to you, might not be to them- and it can be an absolute buffet for certain pests.

Leak Now, Cry Later

If you do a Google search for “black mold” or any kind of mold, the biggest tip you will always find: solve the source. The source is almost always some leak. Examining your water fixtures for leaks, but also, keeping tabs on doors and windows for potential problems can prevent a great deal of trouble down the road. One of the best times to do this is after a serious storm- inspecting a property for leaks after a dry spell just isn’t going to tell you the whole story.

A New Coat of Paint Is More than Visual Appeal

People don’t realize that repainting can do a lot more than just improve the looks of a place. If you really do your home work on what kind of paint should be used where, you can do a whole lot with a fresh coat of paint. For instance, you can’t prevent scribbles on the walls by some of your younger tenants- but you can use special paint that prevents it from sticking. Certain types of paint in the bathroom can prevent moisture damage, and you probably know that using the appropriate exterior paint outdoors will help seal to prevent damage, but also keep you from having to do it as often.

Keeping the Spark Where It’s Supposed To Be

If you have ever had to go through and replace electrical wires or fuse boxes, you know how expensive and time consuming that can be. If you do have experience with a bit of DIY, this is one area you can definitely prevent problems before they even start. If not, it’s always worth the extra small expense of having a contractor take care of this before it becomes an extra BIG expense, or worse.

Caulk This Way

You know the gross gunk that gets between your toes?

Oh, I don’t either, I was just curious if you did. Anyway, the gunk that gets in between your tiles can be worse than that, because it can cause mold build up behind the tiles and other surfaces. Re-caulking regularly can prevent this by preventing the moisture from building up back there.

Ducts Are Not Just Quacking

If you make it a point to replace the filters in your central systems on a bi-annual basis, you can prevent the need for more frequent, and costly air duct cleaning. Additionally, this has a bonus benefit: you’re helping your tenants live in a less allergen inducing environment because that build up harbors all manner of gross allergy-antagonists. A gunked up air duct is a love-fest for pet dander, bugs, dust, and other things that no one needs- and you don’t need the high cost of having to call someone in all the time.

Every property manager and landlord has some kind of little tips to keep from having to deal with big headaches later on. What are some of your tried and true “take care of it now, so I don’t have a mess on my hands later” standard operating procedures to prevent problems in rental units?

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By Kurt Kroeck

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