The 5 Best Real Estate Books for New Real Estate Investors

Let’s face it- anyone who reads the best real estate books will have a huge advantage over people who just “wing it.” Even though reading may feel boring or useless to some people, it’s the easiest, least expensive way to learn from those who have already succeeded (and failed!) in this space.

The problem is there are tons of books to choose from. Some are very specific, whereas others are much broader. For example, some books will talk a little about everything (taxes, finding the houses, getting tenants, etc.) while others may focus on one topic, such as finding multifamily properties.

The question is- which one do you choose? For simplicity sake, this article will take the shotgun approach. These books cover a broad range of topics, so if you want something more specific I recommend doing further research.

Best Real Estate Book #1: “The Book on Investing In Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down” by Brandon Turner

best real estate books

Many investors will say this is one of the best books out there. Even though purchasing real estate with zero money down does open yourself up to certain risks (like a higher mortgage payment and PMI,) there are clear advantages as well.

Even if you do decide to invest a bit of money into each property, this book still sets you up to know:

  • How to get great deals
  • How to negotiate with the seller
  • How to scale your portfolio without taking on too much risk

Just keep in mind that many naysayers will say “that can’t be done!” Well, if it couldn’t be done then books like this wouldn’t exist.

Best Real Estate Book #2: “What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow… And 36 Other Key Financial Measures” by Frank Gallinelli

Many new investors don’t realize how difficult it can be to generate regular, positive cash flow from a real estate investment. Even though the numbers initially may seem attractive, certain things like maintenance, rising property taxes and vacancies need to be considered. That’s why a property that costs you $1,500 a month but rents for $1,700 may not be profitable. Maintenance isn’t cheap, taxes will likely increase over time, and you can almost guarantee you’ll get a vacancy now and then.

Gallinelli covers these critical issues to help you understand the numbers and plan properly for the rainy seasons.

Best Real Estate Book #3: “Real Estate Investing for Dummies”

best real estate books

I know, I know- some people don’t like the “For Dummies” books. But there’s a reason why this brand has thrived for so long. It breaks everything down into very easily, simple-to-understand terms. This particular book is primarily focusing on the buy-and-hold strategy that most investors use.

The series also has several more books in the real estate investing niche. They tend to get more specific, such as flipping houses or investing in commercial real estate. But this one is the best to start with, as it helps lay the foundation on the market.

Best Real Estate Book #4:”Building Wealth One House at a Time” by John Schaub

Schaub has been around for a while, but his methods and advice still holds true today. Many criticize this book as being too basic- but for a newbie investor, you want everything to be basic, right?

One thing to be wary of is John’s idea that the property will appreciate. While it may appreciate, you shouldn’t count on it. Instead, it’s better to focus on the cash flow and amortization strategies that John also discusses.

Best Real Estate Investing Book #5: Every Landlord’s Legal Guide” by Marcia Stewart, Ralph Warner, and Janet Portman

best real estate investing books

Every business owner should know the basic legal aspects of their industry. After all, all of the money in the world can’t save you if you’re caught doing something illegal!

Real estate investors are no exception, even if you have a great property manager.

Honarable Mention: The Rich Dad Series

Even though Robert Kiyosaki’s brand gets a bad rap, he does have a lot of products out there that have helped people break into real estate investing. The best rated one is “The ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss” by Ken McElroy, but there are a few others that are worth checking out.


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