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NewsletterNow, more than ever, as a property manager you have many options in providing community newsletter to your tenants or clients. The best place to begin is considering what your needs are and ultimately, what will be right for your business.

“Why Send Newsletters?

There are a variety of reasons why a property manager or company might send out a newsletter. For starters, it’s a great way to maintain an open line of communication and forge a much more intimate relationship with your clientele. However, there are other reasons:

  • Help to educate your tenants on changing housing concerns as well as how you address those as management.

  • Promote different incentive programs. The odds are fairly good that at least one of your tenants knows someone that is looking for a place. If you are open with them about specials then they can be open with those they know.

  • Send out reminders of inspections, other issues, important announcements and other company information they need to know.

How can I send newsletters?

There are a variety of different ways. The traditional newsletter format has generally been made using a word processing program like Microsoft Word and going from there. Usually, you can just convert the newsletter to PDF if need be and send by email or you can print it and take it door to door. Often, this is done in tandem with rent statements.

One of the benefits of having your rent, maintenance and other records all in one place is that it makes it a snap to get all of this together for whatever newsletters you provide. One of the problems with creating newsletters for larger scale properties or multiple properties is having to go through records or maintain a very generalized air. This is no longer an issue with our plans, because you’ll be able to have everything you need to document and then distribute information as you need to with ease, right along with your statements.

A big reason that we see property management not sending out newsletters is often time and effort. With more effective organization, it’s easier than every to create crisp, clean and clear newsletters that will benefit both you and your tenants.

If you’ve been thinking about doing a newsletter, there are a small handful of things you should think about. First, consider why you want to do it. This will help you when it comes to determining how important it will be to convert your business to a more paperless way of doing things. This can either be for convenience or it may be that you want to be more environmentally conscious as a business. If you do decide you still want to print the newsletter, then start to think a bit about how you will deliver it, if you want to simply put it on the door or pay for postage. Plan out your newsletter ahead of time and you’ll see much better results in it being an effective way to not only better organize maintenance tasks, rent statements to tenants, and more, but also, promote your business.

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