Essential Client Management Skills in Property Management

As a property manager, your clients are your first priority (albeit not your only one!). Keeping your clients happy and maintaining a great relationship will reap benefits for your property management business. Happy clients keep business coming, not to mention they build your reputation and can lead to excellent referrals and references. What are the essential client management skills you need for property management?


Communication is one of the most essential client management skills you can have for your property management, and indeed communication overlaps with other essential skills. Good communication is hard to find and if you have this skill, your clients will be very pleased with you. Communication skills can range from having proper phone etiquette to sending out a quick update e-mail. Good communication always involves keeping your client updated and informed of what’s going on, even if you don’t have any updates or aren’t sure what’s going on. This shows that you’re on top of things and your communication is up to par. Finding a property manager that communicates well isn’t easy—put yourself at the top of the list with this client management skill.


Nothing says honesty quite like, well, honesty. This irreplaceable skill may be the most important. Honesty beats anything you try to replace it with—lying, avoiding the truth, just not saying anything. Being honest and upfront with your client is another way to communicate effectively. Your clients will appreciate your honesty maybe even more than your performance. Honesty every time helps build a great reputation for you, even if you’ve done something you’re not proud of. No matter the situation or circumstances, honesty wins every time. Add this skill to your client management skills and watch your reputation be grow solid and your business be seen as dependable.

Anticipating Needs

Anticipating needs is a skill that can require years of experience in the property management business, but as long as you pay attention, this skill will get easier and easier. Client management skills that involve anticipating clients’ needs are bound to be successful—after all, who knows what the client needs better than you, the experienced property manager? Many clients aren’t sure what they need or what they want when it comes to property management, but you do. Anticipating needs of clients for your client management skills is a practice that will keep giving back and your clients will appreciate you for it. When they know their needs are anticipated and met with you, they’ll keep you on board for a long time.

Delivering on What You Promise

This is a no-brainer skill, but delivering on what you promise can make all the difference between your client relationship taking off or going south. If you say you’re going to do x, y, and z within the next two weeks, do it! Doing what you said you were going to do builds credibility, dependability, and your reputation. If for some reason you can’t deliver on what you said you were going to do, update your client via a phone call or e-mail and let them know what’s going on. This is where the honesty and communication client management skills come into play. With your property management business, delivering on your work is huge, and your promises do not fall on deaf ears. Let your clients know what’s up with your property management—deliver on what they want within the time period they want. If it’s not reasonable, discuss it (communicate!).


Listening—it seems so easy. Next time you hear someone talk, pay attention to how much you actually hear of what they’re saying. You’re probably not actually hearing them; you’re hearing a version of what they said that aligns with your understanding and perception of what was said. Listening to your clients is an essential client management skill. Hearing their needs and wants is paramount because those needs and wants become items on your to-do list and invariably end up going on your paycheck at the end of the month. Clients may have complaints or ideas for improvements, and it’s important that you listen to these too. How well you listen to your clients reflects how much you care about their business. So even if you think you’re listening, really tune in next time they’re talking. This client management skill will help you anticipate their needs as well!

Client management skills are not always easy to attain as some of them require experience, time, and attention to acquire. For your property management business, keep these client management skills on your radar—you’ll be surprised how well they can help you build those client relationships!

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