Four More Property Promotion Tips

From Craigslist to Youtube, property managers now have more ways than ever to promote their vacancies. If you’ve been wondering how to better get the word out, or maybe just looking for some new ways to promote- odds are you’ve got all the free tools you need. Here are four more great tips for getting those units rented:

Online applications for promotion

If you really want to streamline the application process, you really should have some means of applying online. The first step is in pre-application screening, but after that, offering ways to apply online will help you to get things moving much faster. Additionally, it offers a convenience that most people really appreciate.

Branding yourself online

You have an awesome property, so talk about it! Many people worry about creating a professional appearance at the detriment of having any personality at all. You have a wealth of social media outlets that enable you to now connect with a wide array of potential renters- and you should most definitely make use of them.


Along the same lines, networking with other professionals in the field can be very beneficial. Realtors, credit unions, and other merchants in the area can be very helpful in producing lucrative alliances for promotional purposes. Whether it’s simply allowing you to post “for rent” signs in the lobby or actively working together on charitable projects and otherwise: this is a win win all around.

Your existing residents

A good resident referral program can go a long way in both getting the vacancies filled and saving time. If you offer rental reductions for every qualified referral, you offer incentives towards a very personalized word of mouth promotion. Who better to tell other people about how great your properties are than those who live there?

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