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The end of the winter that seemed like it wasn’t going to end seems to be in sight. While we are all hoping that the polar vortex has gusted its last, it may be a good time to consider what you’re going to do about springtime landscaping. I talked a little bit about different things you can do to make your multi family properties more “summer fun” friendly, but there are some basics when it comes to fixing up in a more all-purpose way.


Is ANYONE going to miss this? I mean, seriously?
Is ANYONE going to miss this? I mean, seriously?

Everyone knows that you need curb appeal in order to have better luck attracting better tenants. The more prepared your landscaping is, the easier this can be.

Right now is actually a particularly good time to take care of weeds. Technically speaking, most weeds in the warmer areas started germinating last month. However, you still may have time to apply a pre-emergent, if that’s your thing. You can also utilize your slow release fertilizers now, and that will help lawns to have better growth by getting the nutrients they need, when they need them. While you’re doing this, consider a little spring cleaning. It’s easier now to remove all the dead parts, get rid of the fallen leaves and even pruning. The winter months are a good time to prune because it not only prepares them for when they begin to show new growth, but also, it gets it done before fungal issues emerge.




Additionally, if you do use insecticides, now may be the time to get going on that. Granular insecticides and larvicides should be applied now, as that will help keep these pests from overwhelming your lawns. While you’re doing this, consider going ahead with your more dormant planting materials. With the way this winter has been going- this is the safest way to get a jump on your landscaping without wasting money when a long surprise freeze comes through and kills it all. Take stock of your sprinkler systems- if you have them winterized you will need to test them, and right now’s a perfect time to do that so you can correct the problem before you need the system.261230_211969928947930_1503282505_n

If you’re going to take care of any major landscaping, you may also want to work on that now, before tenants are more apt to be out enjoying things. Large limbs and branches can be cut now, and that will not only prevent an eyesore later, but it will also prevent further plant damage.

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