Improving the Safety Of Your Property

More than likely, you have thought about what you can do to provide your renters with the safest possible environment you can. There are a few basic things you can do, sure. Taking care of your doors and windows, making sure that the locks are functional is good. Adequate lighting sources outside are another very basic way you can provide a safer environment.

Though your choice in location may be fine, there are people who will still seek out the safer areas, and no neighborhood is immune to criminal activity. Whether your property is in a “good” neighborhood, or even if it is in an area that crime has begun to be a problem or is already a problem, there are some things you can do to improve its safety.

Installing a security system is always a good idea. Home security systems have come a long way in recent years and they can be an asset in attracting good tenants, as well. Most of the newer systems are set up so that they can be checked remotely via a smartphone. Installing one of these systems and teaching your tenants to use them appropriately can go a long way in making things safer for them.

Additionally, making sure that the property itself is well maintained is important. This is not just an issue of attracting good rental prospects, but it’s also one of the things that criminals look for. Poorly maintained properties are easy to get into, because they tend to give them places to hide and other people don’t pay as much attention to properties that are not well cared for.

Also, make sure that your tenants know what to do in case of an emergency, and how to contact you. They should know that first, calling 911 is important, but then getting in touch with you if something happens is an option. This will help them to feel that they can rely on you in the event that something unforeseen does occur. These are just a few small things you can do if you’re thinking about improving the safety of your property.

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By Kurt Kroeck

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