A clean rental unit is likely to attract eager residents.

70skitchenMany people think that if you rent, you don’t have a lot of options for interior decorating. After all, you can’t really paint your walls or in some cases, even drive nails into them to hang things. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your place and give it your own stylistic touches without losing your rental deposit or freaking out your landlord.

 Some of you remember this kitchen because you were there when they were all the rage. Unfortunately, some of you may be taking a step back in the time machine that is the harvest yellow nightmare kitchen. Also, while avocados are a trendy food right now, there are very few people who appreciate that color in interior decorating (compared to the many who appreciate the beautiful white kitchen featured in the picture above the title).

There’s not a lot you can do about the floor if the linoleum matches, but, you can change those or any other unsightly counter tops without breaking the budget. In this case, I’d say without upsetting your landlord, but if you replaced their counter tops with more contemporary ones, I’m not sure they’d cry about it, too much. Instead, try Appliance Art’s Instant Granite. This stuff is amazing. It’s a peel and stick, very similar to contact paper, but the overall look is nothing short of gorgeous. If you really want to have some fun with it, you can also try their Chalkboard Sticker Vinyl film. They also have a bunch of different things you can peel and stick pretty much anywhere.

Does the lighting in the unit make you feel like you’re at the office or hanging out in a hospital? You’re not alone, many people have that problem. If your apartment has unflattering and stark overhead lighting, there are quite a few fixes for that as well but none nearly as inexpensive as clamp lamps and standing lamps. Ikea always has a pretty great selection, but you can also find deals on Amazon.

If you’ve got the white paint that goes with the office and hospital style lighting, again, there’s a peel and stick that can come to the rescue. Apartment Therapy offers this great list of artisan style removable wallpaper that can help. You can also get really creative with that by ordering specialized wall decals at Allposters.com. Wall decals and removable wallpaper are also excellent if you’ve got maybe a picky decorator in the home, or you want to decorate a nursery which will one day also be the kids’ room. It makes allowing the decor to grow with them, and that’s definitely a plus.

Kurt Kroeck has written articles in real estate, law, and art related niches for a number of high profile publications. He is an avid WW2 re-enactor, artist in graphite, charcoal, and digital media. He volunteers in animal rescue and enjoys spending time with his children.




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