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When relocating to an unfamiliar city, you may find yourself looking at options. Of course, you’ll be looking for a new place and all that entails, but there is one option that can act as a sort of middle ground until that happens: leasing a fully furnished apartment or condo.

Opting for corporate housing or furnished accommodations offers you a wider array of choices. Rather than sort of settling on a house you won’t really want down the line or having to rent an apartment that doesn’t suit you, you can find comfortable long term furnished rentals. These will typically offer you everything you’d have if you were renting but supplying all of your own: washer and dryer, fully furnished kitchens, and other furniture. It’s somewhat like staying in a hotel, but with many more amenities and also, the cost is either along the same lines or lower than hotel stays.

Though there are many benefits to doing this, there are also some drawbacks. For instance, what happens if you’re living in corporate housing or you have decided to rent a fully furnished property: but you have a lot of things you don’t want to get rid of? This is where long term storage comes in. Now, whether you decide to go with an extended stay option or you just need to know about storage options while you move or otherwise- here are some tips to help you sort it out.

There are typically three options for this: on site, portable units, and off site. Many properties do have on site storage and this is either garages, closets, or lockers they provide. The biggest drawback to those is that they don’t typically offer a lot of space. Off site facilities offer quite a bit of space, and can be either temperature controlled or not. If you do lease a property, odds are you won’t be able to put a portable storage unit there, but if you have a relative or friend with the space: you might be able to get them to allow you to do that on their property.

When storing items there are a few things you should know. First off, you should never store anything combustible. This includes propane tanks, gasoline or paint and other products like that. Perishable food may seem like a no brainer for many, but talk to anyone who has ever rented storage: people try that all the time. Additionally, medical supplies or other dangerous materials are not something you want to put it storage.

Before using a storage unit, you should always plan ahead. When you pack items, try to fill each box as much as you safely can. This way, you can stack the boxes better without the weight of those on top crushing those beneath. Label each box, and when you’re putting them in the unit, leave a walk way so you can easily access the stuff you’ve stored. Also, if you’re storing larger appliances you can store items inside of them to save space. Consider leaving your refrigerator door ajar, slightly, to help prevent molding.

If it makes you think of the Grand Theft Auto games, you might want to give it a pass.
If it makes you think of the Grand Theft Auto games, you might want to give it a pass.

Before choosing any storage facility, be sure to look into what security measures are in place to keep your belongings safe. Each unit should be closed with metal gates and secured by some form of lock. Some have security cameras and guards, and many still yet offer an almost gated community aspect to keep people from wandering through.

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  • I know how it feels to shift in a new house. Packing essential things becomes a daunting task, which I would suggest others to do it in advance or may be a week before. Storage of things also difficult but thanks to storage units now things can be easily managed.

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