One Thing You Should Never Ignore in a Rent Roll

Most of us know what a rent roll is and how to use it, right?

You have the tenants name, contact information, maybe some emergency contacts and vehicles- but have you ever thought about one key aspect that could make things for both you and the tenant even more secure? Adding photos to your rent roll can help you not only keep things in order- but it also allows your tenants much more security in the event you’re not there.

If you’re managing a multifamily unit, this is also an important thing- you don’t want to have issues with people who do not belong just showing up. In either case, let’s look at a for example.

You’re renting your house out to a really nice family. A professional father and mother, cute little girl, no indoor pets, really- just an adorable bunny rabbit. Then, this woman shows up, saying she’s the babysitter and she takes care of the rabbit for them.


I'm...even..going to cut some ...cake..for them.
I’m…even..going to cut some …cake..for them. Seems legit…







In this case, you already have a photo of the babysitter and you know she looks like this:


See? Your rent roll just saved that family a whole mess of trouble, didn’t it? (To say nothing of the mess made of that bathroom that you’ll have to deal with. I know someone’s not getting all of their security deposit back.)




In all seriousness, in today’s world, security is a big concern for most people. So, if you have photos in your rent roll alongside your other information, everything is square- even when you’re not around to make sure of things.

Additionally, you can use your rent roll to better organize things: include your lease terms, your email addresses and other information- all in one place. We’ll talk a bit more about how to create a comprehensive rent roll in our up and coming ebook, but if you’re looking to get things more organized: you’ve come to the right place.

It’s always best to organize all the details in one place. Trust me, they won’t be ignored.

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