Proper Pool Etiquette for Apartments

There are many perks to renting an apartment, one of which is the amenities such as the pool if the apartment complex has one. If you rent an apartment in a complex that has a pool, there are rules of etiquette you will want to follow to keep the pool a clean fun place. After all, would you want to swim in a pool that hasn’t been taken care of or used properly? Here are some tips to keep the pool a nice addition to the apartment complex.

Keep it Clean

This of course is proper etiquette anywhere, but still needs to be pointed out. The pool is meant to be a family friendly perk for apartment tenants and keeping it clean ensures that it stays that way. Any food or trash needs be thrown away and all clothing items should be carried back with you.

Abide by Existing Rules

Most apartment complexes will have a list of rules they want you to adhere to when using the pool. You may be tempted to completely ignore the sign, but don’t. Take the extra 60 seconds to read the rules and follow them in order to continue using the pool.

Do Not Give Out Free Access

While it is nice to do friends a favor by allowing them access to the pool at your complex, don’t hand out the access code or key. Not only is this a violation with most apartment complexes, it is also generally not a good idea. Imagine giving access to one friend who gives access to three more people, and so on. Instead, invite a friend to use the pool with you. This allows you to keep an eye on whether or not the person you invite uses proper pool etiquette or not.

Watch Your Children

While the pool is a great place for children to have fun and let off steam, it is still important to keep an eye on the way they play and keep them in check. Let them have fun, but in a manner that is respectable and adhering to the pre-established rules. Keep in mind there are other tenants who want to enjoy the pool and sometimes children can get a bit rowdy. If your children are getting out of hand, try having them to take a break until they calm down.

Watch What You Wear

While it is not necessary to wear full body armor to the pool, it is still a public area and swimwear should be tasteful and appropriate. It is also important to wear only approved swimwear as street clothes can damage the pools filtration system.

Having an apartment complex with a pool can be lots of fun and using proper pool etiquette can make it even more enjoyable and keep the pool in tip top shape.

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