So you got an Eviction Notice?

So, you’ve missed your last month’s rent payment, and maybe the one prior. You’ve now come home to a notice on your door of eviction and are naturally concerned. Being faced with an eviction notice is never a pleasant experience, but there are a few things to remember to help you when faced with with this situation. And, while eviction laws vary from state to state, here are a few things to do if you end up in this position.


ALWAYS respond to the notice. Whether it is legal and court-ordered or just an ‘empty threat’ from your landlord you should never ignore it.

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Be Respectful – You’re the one who didn’t pay your rent.

Respond with courtesy and respect. You will get much farther in your dispute if you maintain your cool and act responsibly. Luckily the laws of this country allow you to state your side in the presence of a judge if you feel this eviction notice is unfair. However in the case in which you are legitimately behind on payments or have violated your lease in some other fashion, the eviction will most likely stay in place.

Make Partial Payments – if possible.

Have a discussion with your landlord. Chances are they do not want to deal with another vacancy so maybe you can work out a deal to make payments. Maybe you cannot afford to make your $1,000 a month rent payment in whole. See if it’s possible for your landlord to accept $500 at the first of the month and another $550 halfway through. This way you can still make your full rental payment while adding a little extra to balance your debt.

Downgrade from Within

Ask your landlord if they have a rental property with a smaller monthly payment that you could possibly move into. Most landlords do not like to lose tenants, regardless of the hassles. So if they have an opportunity to keep you then they may agree.

Don’t be a Deadbeat

Always follow through on any arrangements that you make. If you can come to an agreement with your landlord then keep up with your side of the bargain.  After an eviction proceeding has begun, it can be resumed at any point in time, should you fail to meet arrangements.

One last word of caution if you’re in an eviction situation.  Remember that getting evicted can prevent your chances of ever renting from a reputable property management company or landlord in the future.  Following the above suggestions can certainly help you to avoid an eviction from finalizing.  Take all the necessary steps and don’t shrug off this situation or you could find yourself regretting it at a later date.

In some cases there is truly nothing you can do to stop your eviction. If this happens then you just have to accept the truth for what it is. There are some issues that are just out of your hands to fix and if that is the case then you can always try to find a silver lining.

For more information on eviction laws, you should consult legal advice.  Also, check out this article put out by Cornell on eviction law.

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