Using Social Media with your Property Management Company

In a world where everything is at the touch of a keyboard, using social media sites can be a fantastic way to help boost your property management company. Not only does it give you an easy way to build and maintain relationships with your tenants, you can also use it as another marketing tool. This will not only help build your tenant basis but can also help build your business credibility. However, as I have mentioned before- be very, very careful how you interact. A little self control is always a good thing, especially in social media.

Send reminders and updates

Having a social media page allows you to schedule updates or reminders for your tenants. A quick message about having maintenance work being done or routine checks coming up will reach them far faster if on their social media feeds than if you sent an email.

Keep your residents informed

Having a social media page should be more than just simple reminders about rent and maintenance. Make it a more personable page that helps inform your tenants of things happening in the community, a FAQ page, or a simple resource page for their own personal knowledge. Make sure to keep it fun and creative.

Be more personable

Social media can be a great way for your tenants to put a face to the company. Post pictures of your property management team and give a little information about everyone. This will help make your company more approachable and feel more personal. Encourage your tenants to interact with your team and help build a relationship.

Track your reputation.

Follow your tenants on social media sites and keep up with their updates. Doing this will help you make sure they are happy and have no complaints about their rental. You can easily gauge how satisfied they are and also make sure to be on top of any repairs before they even contact you.

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