Social Media Marketing Strategies for Property Managers: Resident Testimonials

Here on the RentPost blog we’ve talked about the role social media plays in an effective marketing and management strategy. The number one rule of social media is to post content on a regular scheduled basis. A lack of updates is the death knell of an otherwise great web presence. The problem is, it takes a lot of sustained creative labor to produce quality content week after week. At RentPost our goal is to simplify property management processes, so over the next few weeks we’ll outline ideas for creating content appropriate for your blog or social media profile.

Resident profiles attract your target resident

Similar to our RentPost stories, writing a post that profiles one of your residents works as a testimonial and lends a human face to your business. People remember stories, and are more likely to remember details about your company if they are able to associate it with a humanized story. A short resident bio with an accompanying photo is shareable across many platforms, and can be repeated with different residents, providing new content on a regular basis.

Cats are social media marketing gold.
Everybody loves a cat photo. If your resident has a pet, include them in the profile.

Find a willing resident

A resident profile works best if the person is representative of the kind of tenant best suited to your property. For example, if you manage a student housing property it’s best to choose a resident who is a student at the local university. Or if you manage mostly single family homes, it makes sense to find a young family to interview. Once you’ve got an idea about who you’d like to interview, reach out to a few tenants and ask if they’d be willing to answer some questions about their rental experience for an online resident profile. Consider offering an incentive for sharing their feedback online.

Get permission to post their photo and words

Have your tenant sign a photo release form and get permission to post their words online as a representation of your company. Explain when and where their profile will be posted and notify them when it’s published.

Include your property in the photo if possible.
Include your property in the photo if possible.

Do a short interview

Write your interview questions beforehand but feel free to deviate from them if the conversation evolves naturally. Ask them about their experience renting from you and things they like about their home. Let them tell you their story, and remember to focus on more than just their opinions on where they live, ask them questions about themselves and their role in the surrounding community. Ask their permission to record the interview, it’s easier to work from a transcript later.

Tell a story

When crafting your resident bio, tell their story and show how their housing situation fits into their current needs and goals. Include a few details to make their story memorable and keep the tone light-hearted and positive.

Include photos

After the interview, take a few casual photos of your resident outside their home. Let them pick which photo is used online, this will save you from an upset phone call later asking you to remove the photo.

Post online

Publish your completed resident profile online to your most frequented social media platforms. Double check the formatting and spelling before publication. Likewise, do a quick photo edit so the picture included looks as professional as possible. Promote your post by including a call to action asking if other residents would like to be profiled for your blog or FB page. Post the profile on a testimonial section of your website.

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