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Your property management business is something that thrives on good time management skills, whether or not you realize it. How much you’re able to get done in a day, how well you do it, and the way you set yourself up for future tasks all affect your property management. Having proper time management skills involves creating habits that will stick with you and ones that you’ll use to help build your career. This will help you be efficient and therefore better your property management skills. How do you become efficient with time management?

Recognizing and Ranking the Importance of Each Task

When you start your day, it’s likely that you have a bunch of things on your mind that need to be done, and the more you think about them, the more overwhelmed you get. Take some time when starting each day to recognize the importance of each task and rank it accordingly. For instance, if you have a task that doesn’t need to be done until next week, put it out of your mind for today. Effective time management skills rely on you being able to prioritize. Look at the things you need to do today—which one is the most important? The least? Taking a few minutes to do this at the start of the day can help you prioritize your tasks accordingly, and therefore you’ll be able to do things in order and get them done on time according to their priority level.

Question Your Procrastination

Nearly everyone has problems with procrastination—it’s how you manage that procrastination that’s important. Procrastinating is something that can sneak up on you and end up taking over precious minutes—or hours—of your time. Checking Facebook when you need to invoice clients or grabbing a bite to eat when it isn’t necessarily your lunch hour can all seem like relevant or even important things, but in the end, they’re only masquerading as things that “need to be done” and are really distracting you from your work. You need to include questioning your procrastination—asking yourself, “What is this really about?” Do you feel hesitant about a decision you made and are therefore procrastinating with following through, or do you not feel quite right about a client or a task? Explore this and recognize your procrastination for what it is and where it comes from. This will help greatly with your time management skills and push you to be more effective.

Stay Present

Worrying about future events to come or past decisions made cuts your attention significantly, therefore hindering your time management skills and therefore your property management tasks. The more attention you put on the past or future, the less present you are and the less attention you’re able to give to your current task. Give your current task your absolute full attention. Don’t multitask either—you might think you’re good at it, but you’ll end up making mistakes and the more stressed you’ll get. Stay present and watch your property management skills flourish. You’ll get more done in a shorter period of time and you’ll be less stressed. Placing stress in the future or past does nothing to help you now—stay present.


Scheduling will help you effectively acquire the time management skills you need, fit them all together, and help your property management business do well. Keeping a planner with you, using property management software, or keeping alerts on your smart phone or tablet can help you schedule tasks accordingly and even remind you of them. Scheduling will also further help you prioritize: when you’re ranking tasks, schedule those things you don’t need to worry about today in the future on your calendar. Say no to extra tasks or clients by checking your schedule and realizing you’re already overwhelmed. You can even set realistic deadlines with your schedule, but the most important thing is that you have a schedule—you’ll have no solid time management skills until you do!

Time management skills are an integral part of property management. When you have several properties that you need to manage, tasks can build up quickly and you can easily feel overwhelmed. By staying present and focused, having a schedule to refer back to, prioritizing tasks, and questioning your hesitation to do certain tasks, you can excel at property management with your effective time management skills.

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