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Working in single-family property management seems like it’d be easier: but it brings with it a lot of issues. When I speak to landlords and property managers, one of the bigger initiatives seems to be finding rebates and incentives towards improving the energy efficiency of the properties.

Going green does not have to mean breaking the bank. As a matter of fact, if you can get someone else to pay for your upgrades: why wouldn’t you want to know how to cut your costs so you can boost your bottom line?

Your first step in finding green upgrade incentives for your rental properties is DSIRE. This is an extensive list of all the information you need for both state and federal incentives, as well as the policies in place to help encourage energy efficiency in your properties. Established in 1995 by the US Department of Energy, the North Carolina Solar Center, this site offers a wealth of opportunity for you. Additionally, the US Department of Energy offers resources that can help you with properties on a more national scale.

Using both of those, you can expect to find things like rebates, performance incentives, loans, grants, tax credits and other green building incentives that will help you to greatly reduce the out of pocket expense you have in upgrading your property.

These sites, however, are only the tip of the information iceberg. Across the country, there are literally thousands of different local governments and each has enacted their own policies in respect to this. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of networking to find them, but also, you can always seek out contractors that are more green-oriented. They will also usually know the local incentives and rebates that can be found. So, get out there and network- do your homework a little before hand, and you’ll be able to have all the information you need to green your properties with a little help.

Know of any other resources or incentives that you’d like to share with others?  Let others know in the comments!

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