Use Youtube to promote your business

Of course you know by now that putting pictures in your rental listings is key. However, many landlords and property managers have started using Youtube. Imagine for just a second you are planning a move. Now, you want to save as much time as possible. First, photos and the listing will help you to determine if you’ll take the next step. However, more detailed, and much more effective at helping someone really visualize what it would be like to live in a place?

Video. Video Walk throughs are what all the savvy property managers are doing these days. These are particularly effective for drawing those out of town potential tenants because it’s like being able to take a stroll through a prospective rental from wherever they happen to be.

Unfortunately, while Craigslist doesn’t have a video upload function yet, there are ways around this. First, any time you upload a video to Youtube, you’ll get a link, and you can post that. But also, if you work with iOs at all, you can use something like the Youtube Capture App.

Prospective tenants can get really “into” a property better this way, and not only that, they can also easily share photos or videos with others. This can help get tenants really excited about signing a lease with you, and it also has other advantages.

Sharing both videos and photos is now easier than ever. We’ve come a very long way from the paper with strips of phone numbers along the bottom method of advertising rentals. Now, you can practically walk someone through whatever property you have without leaving your house. What could be better than that? Why wouldn’t you utilize that kind of exposure?

Youtube also easily integrates with social media, for ease of sharing. Because the videos are easily embedded into your website and linked to via other sites, your exposure is maximized. Youtube and Google are connected by user accounts, so, it’s easy to integrate this with your email marketing campaigns. So many companies are already on board and it’s so easy to use! Maybe you should consider using Youtube to promote your business. It could be the key piece in the puzzle that changes everything.

Kurt Kroeck has written articles in real estate, law, and art related niches for a number of high profile publications. He is an avid WW2 re-enactor, artist in graphite, charcoal, and digital media. He volunteers in animal rescue and enjoys spending time with his children.




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