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Understanding and Stating Fair Housing Practices

Though you likely have a manual of policies in place for your property management, one area that it is often neglected but critical applies to Fair Housing laws. Because Fair Housing is the standard by which property managers, landlords and owners are upheld, it’s important to insure that your manual includes this section. Though no one wants to think about it, if there ever is a Fair Housing...

Creating a Community Newsletter

Now, more than ever, as a property manager you have many options in providing community newsletter to your tenants or clients. The best place to begin is considering what your needs are and ultimately, what will be right for your business.

Using Trulia and Zillow To Find Rentals

We mentioned 3 great tools you can use to find rentals and information about those areas, but here are two sites that most people immediately think of when looking for a new home – Trulia and Zillow. However, most people think that these sites are just for real estate agents, home owners, and home buyers. They can also be fantastic resources for finding rentals in any area you want.

Three Great Apartment Search Tools

In the good ol’ days, whatever they were, it used to be you had to look at listings in the back of a newspaper or drive around searching for signs just like the one above to find a good apartment. If you wanted to move a great distance, this complicated matters as you had to investigate properties sight unseen. This is no longer the case, and we’ve got the 3 best apartment search tools for...

How Can Property Managers Help Veterans?

You probably realize that our veterans face a lot of challenges when they retire from the line of duty. What you might not realize is, that as a property manager or landlord, you can help ease some of those challenges, particularly, respective of housing. In September of 2012, The Department of Veterans Affairs first initiated their program called Supportive Services for Veteran Families, or SSVF...

Going Paperless

Continuing the thread about being more green and providing your tenants with options that are not only eco-friendly, but more convenient, let’s talk a minute about going paperless.

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