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Choosing Flooring for Your Property

Replacing the flooring in your properties is a great way to revive the look and feel of the property after so many years of use. Regardless of the quality of the pre-existing flooring, over time it wears down, especially in high traffic areas. When it comes to choosing flooring, you need to think about the style you want, the location of the property, and the functionality of the room with the...

Choosing Paint Colors for Your Property

When you decide to start fixing up our rental property yourself by painting, you want to really think about what is going to make the best impression. While you may have a bold style, your future tenants may not. So it is important to think through what you will be painting and which colors would work best.  It’s typically said to play it safe and stick with white, and while this is a safe...

Interior Decorating: Ways To Dress Up Your Rental

Many people think that if you rent, you don’t have a lot of options for interior decorating. After all, you can’t really paint your walls or in some cases, even drive nails into them to hang things. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your place and give it your own stylistic touches without losing your rental deposit or freaking out your landlord.

7 Decor Ideas for Apartment Living

Landlords usually have a challenging task of furnishing an apartment in a way that appeals to a broad audience, while also make it unique enough to stand out from any other apartment that is available. However, being able to ride that line between broad appeal and unique means being acutely aware of decor trends while not making it so trendy that it’s out of style a month later. Luckily, we’ve...

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