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After Hours Maintenance Emergencies

It was a dark and stormy night- and you, sleeping peacefully in the poppies, had no idea that disaster was striking on one of your properties. The roof began to leak to the point that the tenants were considering renting a tugboat to help move their stuff out. A tornado came, picked the house up and dropped it on some poor elderly lady’s sister. There was a small dog, and a lady floating in a...

Communication 102: Mediating Disagreements Between Neighbors

Last time I lived in an apartment complex, my landlord asked me to do something weird. He called out of the blue and said “Hey I know this is kind of a weird request but I’ve had some noise complaints about your unit and I think this is the best way to handle it.” My confusion was immediate and I started to sweat from the anxiety of worrying how I could possibly be making enough noise to bother...

Communication 101: Skills for Handling Resident Disputes

As a property manager, you work as a mediator between property owners and tenants, and need highly developed interpersonal skills to represent each party’s interests as well as your own. The ability to communicate clearly, to assert your needs and desires, and to say “No” with confidence, are hallmarks of a successful business leader. Mastering effective interpersonal communication takes...

While You Were Out: Winter Vacation Checklist for College Students

Winter holidays are coming and college students are getting ready to trek home for an extended break from their studies…and their rental housing. Students generally get a week long break for Thanksgiving and a 3 to 4 week break for winter holidays. Their exodus leaves a lot of rental units empty and vulnerable to property damage and cold weather related maintenance issues. When I was in...

Should A Landlord Incorporate?

Whether it be just a small amount of rental properties or a full sized property management company, the smartest thing you can do to save your assets is to incorporate them.

Business Banking: Why Landlords Need It

One of the biggest mistakes made by small-business owners is not creating a second account for business purposes. The use of personal bank account for small-business ventures, like self-employment, is all too common.

Offering Written Notice

Communicating with tenants is they key to keeping things smoothly flowing. Whether you’re needing to talk about upcoming repairs or rent notices, having things in writing is always a good thing. Utilizing a service like RentPost is definitely one way of being able to manage communications effectively and it can also help in keeping things in writing.

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