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Mistakes To Avoid When Serving Eviction Notices

Owning rental property and managing it can be a rewarding experience. Not only is it a good investment and a means to generate income, but it also allows you to be an important part of a community. A good landlord is usually a very well-liked person! On the flip side of things, there are some parts of the role that are challenging and even unenviable. You’ll be the person tenants come to...

One Thing You Should Never Ignore in a Rent Roll

Most of us know what a rent roll is and how to use it, right? You have the tenants name, contact information, maybe some emergency contacts and vehicles- but have you ever thought about one key aspect that could make things for both you and the tenant even more secure? Adding photos to your rent roll can help you not only keep things in order- but it also allows your tenants much more security in...

Avoiding The Bad Tenants

It’s the second week of the month and you find yourself yet again hearing why that particular tenant is late on the rent. You’ve been dealing with the city because every time they don’t mow the lawn for weeks, you get the notice. You’ve been here before and you know that the there will be huge mess being left for you, in addition to that security deposit being seen as last months’ rent.  You’ve...

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