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Prevent and Treat Mold in Your Rental Property

Mold is a common issue in many rental properties, especially in high humidity and flood areas. Depending on the state, there may be mold laws to adhere to when renting out property.  While not all mold is toxic, some can cause health issues which is a liability and all mold causes damage to the property itself. It is important as a landlord or property manager to take the steps to prevent and...

What Can You Do About Mold In Rentals?

Though asbestos and lead paint are well known health and safety hazards, another environmental hazard is also causing problems. There have been multi million dollar cases involving symptoms like chronic fatigue, nausea, hemorrhaging, asthma and rashes- that are all potentially linked to one thing: toxic mold in rentals. Whether you are a tenant, a property manager, or a landlord, you need to know...

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