When and Why Residents Move

I’ve moved four times since I left my hometown to attend college. Every time I sign a new lease, get all the boxes unpacked, and finally sit down in my new dwelling to recover from relocating yet again, I swear up and down that I’m not moving again until I decide to leave the state. Inevitably, two or three years later I find myself calling property managers and realty companies asking...

All About Long Term Storage

When relocating to an unfamiliar city, you may find yourself looking at options. Of course, you’ll be looking for a new place and all that entails, but there is one option that can act as a sort of middle ground until that happens: leasing a fully furnished apartment or condo.

How To Estimate Moving Costs

If you don’t know how to plan for a move, moving costs can really add up quickly. But there are a number of ways that you can plan your move, estimate moving costs, and learn to consider the costs before you pack up. Knowing what to expect can really help you not only set a moving budget, but keep to it. If you have ever called a professional mover, you know that they can give you an estimate...

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