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Landlords: Should You Allow Pets? What About Pet Deposits?

If you ask most people with a pet how they feel about them, they’ll quickly answer that it’s part of the family. People LOVE their critters, which can be a sticky point for landlords. As someone looking to engage in a business relationship with tenants, you have a lot of questions to ask yourself about pets. Should you allow pets on the property? If so, should you charge a pet fee or pet rent...

5 True Things for All Property Management Types

All property management types—single-family homes, condos, townhouses, multiplexes, and apartment buildings—may seem really different at first glance. After all, single-family home tenants tend to reside there longer and likely have outside maintenance that needs to be done. With condos and apartment buildings, the tenants can forget about lawn maintenance, but you may have several different...

Enforcing No Pet Clauses

When you decide to become a property manager with tenants, there are multiple lifestyle considerations such as smokers, handicap accessibility, and pets. Many leases will specify stipulations as to whether or not a tenant can have pets. While many times having a no pets clause and enforcing it can be pretty straightforward, there are some circumstances in which it can become a larger issue. Can...

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