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Snowpocalypse Tips

Last week, unless you lived in Southern California, odds are you got hit with some interesting weather. As it happens, my family and I were in Saint Louis when the first of the storms hit. My mother’s Saint Louis apartment complex was very quickly blanketed in just over knee-deep snow. We got 15 inches of the fluffy white stuff and the entire city was nearly shut down. It was a...

Lead Based Paint Awareness

If you rent a property that was built before 1978, you need to know about the Residential Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act. Not only does that link tell you about the act itself, it has a wealth of important information about the damage that lead based paint can cause. Lead poisoning can cause significant lifelong disability for those it impacts, and it’s vital that all landlords and...

All About Property Insurance

Owning real estate, whether it’s your home or for investment purposes is something that requires certain protections. You should always look for the right type of property insurance you need. The problem is, not many people realize how their coverage works and most people are just trying to save money, so, getting the bare minimum is where they keep it. It’s understandable to want to save money...

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