the housing market and new construction may be on the upswing in 2015

One thing that we have to keep in mind in terms of rental properties, is that many who are going into the market are coming from a place of formerly being homeowners. Now, for some, this is an opportunity too good to miss out on: and you’ll miss out on it if you don’t create […]

Tax deductions for property managers, no matter how tiny

Whether you own a large multifamily property management company or simply rent out a single investment property, there are tax deductions waiting for you to take advantage of. Most landlords realize that some of their property management expenses are deductible, many are leaving money on the table by failing to use tax rules to their […]

Cramming a rental ad into 50 words or less is a thing of the past.

Do you have questions about rental investing? Check out this post for some common questions a real estate investor who is interested in rental properties would be interested in exploring before diving into this article. It’s easier than ever to post rental listings online. But writing an effective rental ad is harder than you think. I’m currently in […]

Fire, flood, or famine, renter's insurance has you covered.

We’ve already covered some reasons why renter’s insurance is a good idea for residents and property managers alike. But how do you convince your tenants to pay for and retain a policy that many people assume is expensive and unnecessary? Be a myth buster Many renters have more than a few misconceptions that keep them […]

financing a rental property

Small investments can make for big changes in your life when it comes to finances. There are a number of ways that you can still offset the risks of getting into the rental business, while still grabbing ahold of the chances it provides for success.

Those who watch the market are predicting that consumer confidence in the economic recovery combined with actions of the Federal Reserve are pushing interest rates back up. How is this? To put it simply, the Federal Reserve buys mortgage related bonds, as well as other long-dated government bonds. That forces down long term interest rates. However, even just expecting the Federal Reserve to start the taper of the bond buying has shown some yields to rise and as a result, bond prices to decline. This is only part of why interest rates may yet again go up, and why if you’re considering financing a rental property, now may be a good time to do it.

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As a landlord, you want your property rental business to run as smoothly as possible, and avoid any unexpected costly surprises along the way. One unfortunate overhead that plagues every landlord are maintenance costs. They cannot be avoided, and really can cost an arm and a leg when something drastic goes wrong. Imagine burst water pipes flooding the ground floor of a family home, or a boiler breaking down in the winter months and needing emergency replacement. A key aspect to being a successful landlord is being economical and knowing how to reduce the risk of unexpected costs.

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In the wake of the 2008 Financial/Housing Crisis, the real estate industry was dealt a series of direct blows (as could be expected), and indirect effects continue to exacerbate the pummeling; at ground zero the dust has not settled, but what can be deciphered is a re-assignment of equity and the subsequent paradigm shift within […]

When recession seems imminent and your livelihood as a landlord is in an apparent state of limbo, it is unwise to lethargically stand by and wait for for disaster to strike, armed only with crossed fingers of hope – be proactive! Do not let your fear of worsening the situation prevent you from improving it; prepare for action, and turn the change in economic climate into opportunity. It’s simple, yet overlooked – your tools for tackling the recession are of preparation and treatment.

What are the problems?

1. Old tenants leave
2. It becomes difficult to find new tenants
3. It becomes difficult to collect rent

Solving any of the three starts with the fundamentals, and intimately knowing your operating expenses provides you with many avenues of attack. Meticulously breaking down your expected costs into category, organized by appropriate time segments (monthly) gives you an accurate idea of what expenses you can expect to incur in a given month.

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