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Looking for Rental Management Companies? Keep These Things in Mind

Let’s face it- there are a lot of rental management companies out there. Some are just 1-2 people deep, while the larger companies have hundreds of employees. Trying to decide which one to hire can be frustrating. There are tons of things to consider, from cost and experience to location and certifications. This is especially true if you’ve never hired one before and are hesitant...

Need a Rental Management Company? Just Follow These 3 Steps to Hire the Best

Whether you have just one property or dozens, a great rental management company is worth its weight in gold. While most wary investors complain about “fixing toilets at 3 a.m.,” you can rest easy knowing that your property manager is taking care of it. Unfortunately, not all property management companies are top notch. After all, someone has to be average, right? That’s why...

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