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Moving Tips For College Students

For college students, finding ways to save money while learning can be very important. Though dorm life can help reduce cost, it’s got its downsides and there are still times of year when you’ll need to find a place to go. If you decide you want to find a place nearby, rather than head back to the parents, here are a few moving tips you can use to save money on rentals as a college student.

6 Tips for Finding Long-Term Rental Homes

When you’re looking through the newspaper, online classifieds, or specialty rental sites, you’ll find that most landlords are looking to rent out their spaces on a month-to-month basis, or at the most, a year at a time. While that might be what the average tenant wants, there are some individuals who would prefer to rent and stay put for more than a year, especially since it can allow them to...

Three Great Apartment Search Tools

In the good ol’ days, whatever they were, it used to be you had to look at listings in the back of a newspaper or drive around searching for signs just like the one above to find a good apartment. If you wanted to move a great distance, this complicated matters as you had to investigate properties sight unseen. This is no longer the case, and we’ve got the 3 best apartment search tools for...

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