Fire, flood, or famine, renter's insurance has you covered.

We’ve already covered some reasons why renter’s insurance is a good idea for residents and property managers alike. But how do you convince your tenants to pay for and retain a policy that many people assume is expensive and unnecessary? Be a myth buster Many renters have more than a few misconceptions that keep them […]


While there may be many disputes between a landlord and the potential renter, purchasing renters insurance should always be an agreement. Not only does it keep the renters possessions covered in situations but it also keeps the landlord safe from lawsuits as well. Here are the top 3 reasons why renters insurance is the best […]

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Owning real estate, whether it’s your home or for investment purposes is something that requires certain protections. You should always look for the right type of property insurance you need. The problem is, not many people realize how their coverage works and most people are just trying to save money, so, getting the bare minimum is where they keep it. It’s understandable to want to save money, but this mentality may cost you in the long run.

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This commercial is too good not to share with everyone. And, I am sure many of you can relate quite well with this.

Renters, in reading the following, you will learn how to decide if Renters Insurance is for you, calculate the amount of liability coverage needed, asses the probability of property loss (while valuing your possessions), estimate a deductible, and put it all together to discover exactly what you should look for in purchasing renters insurance.

Repeat readers will observe a review in some material explained in a previous article: “Renters Insurance: Rip Off or Rewarding?” That reading is supplemented now with attention to deductibles and deeper liability assessment explained in this article. For more on how to value your possessions, reference the article mentioned above. Otherwise, let’s get started.

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An often pondered, yet rarely considered device that may or may not be a good idea – Renter’s Insurance is surely a phenomena once uttered in your presence. All too often, it is regarded as if applicable to all or none, with no middle ground. “Renters insurance is a good idea”… or “renters insurance is a rip off;” heard either one?? Thought so. Oh, how generalities plague market demand. Anyhow, RentPost will take an unusual approach, showing how to determine whether renters insurance can be a helpful solution or just a bad idea for YOU….specifically.

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