Choosing Paint Colors for Your Property

When you decide to start fixing up our rental property yourself by painting, you want to really think about what is going to make the best impression. While you may have a bold style, your future tenants may not. So it is important to think through what you will be painting and which colors would work best.  It’s typically said to play it safe and stick with white, and while this is a safe bet, if you plan it well, you could do better.

Map It Out

What are you wanting to paint? Is it the interior, exterior, or both? What kind of flooring is in the property? These are important questions to ask when it comes to choosing paint colors. While a good rule of thumb is to go with neutral or light colors, it is not visually appealing to have white throughout the entire property.  You also have to consider what finish you will be using as that will alter what the end color looks like.

Warmer or Cooler?

When you are looking into choosing paint colors, you need to assess what tone you want and stick with it. Warmer colors have more red undertones, while cooler colors have a bluer undertone. You do not want to mix them up or it leaves a very unappealing and unfinished look.


It is highly important to look at what type of lighting is in the property. There was a butcher shop who had painted their shop walls bright yellow in hopes that a bright happy color would attract more customers. However, with the use of florescent lighting the end result actually left all the meats looking a sickly purple. While painting your property may not have as drastic an effect, it is still important to see what the lighting will do to your end result.

Complimentary Color Schemes

When you start to think about painting the property, you want to aim towards having no more than 3 colors per area.  The colors need to be complimentary not only to each other but to the furnishings. Since you most likely do not have a catalog of your future tenant’s furniture, neutral colors are the best option. However, neutral doesn’t mean white wash, you can still add flare without risking a serious clash issue.

A few color schemes are:

All-Natural Bathroom Retreat


Warm, Neutral Home Office

Cool & Contemporary Formal Entry

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