6 Useful Property Management Websites to Learn More About the Industry

The team wanted to share a few useful property management websites with a lot of great information on the industry. They have everything from certifications and education to local events and news. Whether you’re new to property management or you’ve been in the field for a while and just want to learn more, these sites will help.

Property Management Website #1: Property Management Association

The Property Management Association may be the most well known of all of these sites. One big thing they have is the PM Expo. If you’re looking for a great conference to check out, this may be just what you’re looking for. They have a lot of other things to check out too, though. BULLETIN is their monthly magazine. They have educational events regularly if you want to improve your craft. And the membership allows you to connect with other like-minded folks across the country.

Property Management Website #2: NPMA

The National Property Management Association (NPMA) is another good one to check out. They have several different membership options, each which its own unique benefits. They also offer three main certifications – CPPA, CPPS and CPPM. If you want to compete in today’s PM world, getting an extra certification or two under your belt is always a good idea.

The NPMA also offers similar things to PMA including a monthly magazine (if you’re a member,) local groups and educational content and seminars.

property management websites

Website #3: National Association of Residential Property Managers

The NARPM may be a little self-explanatory. They cater towards people who manage… well, residential properties. They have a lot going on, from an extensive conference schedule to six different certifications to choose from!

If you are in the residential space, this may be the only group you need to join. They offer everything you need to succeed – education, membership, local chapters – the whole gamut.

Property Management Websites #4: Online Property Management Association

The OPMA is a bit different than the rest, but has similar ideas. It’s a smaller association, which has its pros and cons. One major con is that it just doesn’t have as many things to offer. It has much less educational material than its counterparts. It doesn’t have many events each year, either. Just one main summit which just took place in November.

So what are the pros? For one thing, a smaller organization means its easier to get to know people within it. It also means if you want to help steer the ship, it may be easier to do so than in a much larger group.

Website #5: Institute of Real Estate Management

The Institute of Real Estate Management is more similar to the bigger groups mentioned earlier. They have multiple membership options which is nice. They have three different groups of IREM credentials: Individual, Firm, and Property. That’s a bit unique because most associations offer only on the individual certifications.

IREM has it all:

  • Educational content to learn from
  • Lots of events
  • A job board (to post/find the next step in your career)
  • Resources (including research, statistics, etc.)
  • Local chapters

property management websites

Overall, it’s a great group to join.

Property Management Website #6: Building Owners and Managers Association

BOMA is a bit unique in that it’s for both property managers and investors/landlords. Even though I’m not sure if one of the other associations will only let in PMs and ignore building owners, this one specifically caters to the investors.

Some of the things BOMA focuses on are a bit different than the rest. For example, BOMA is a Green Office Partner, meaning they’re heavily invested in the Sustainability space. They also have several different measurement standards for buildings.


There are a lot of other types of property management websites out there. These are a few of the best associations and groups you can join, but there are also some blogs you may want to check out. For example, Bigger Pockets is a real estate investment/property management blog with a lot of great insight.


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