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It was a dark and stormy night- and you, sleeping peacefully in the poppies, had no idea that disaster was striking on one of your properties. The roof began to leak to the point that the tenants were considering renting a tugboat to help move their stuff out. A tornado came, picked the house up and dropped it on some poor elderly lady’s sister. There was a small dog, and a lady floating in a bubb- oh, wait, no, that’s a really strange dream I had after watching the Wizard Of Oz.

Though I am fairly certain, relocation by tornado constitutes an emergency.
Though I am fairly certain, relocation by tornado constitutes an emergency.

Emergency maintenance, however, doesn’t end in such a tidy way, sometimes. You have to either be available for you tenants around the clock- or have someone on hand who is. Now, you don’t need to address every minor concern if it’s something that can wait, of course. We have all had to deal with the problem child, the tenant with the slightly leaky faucet at four in the morning- or similar. However, if the tenant does have a serious concern: are you available to them when they need it?

The heat has gone out. This one is a seriously big deal, particularly during the winter months. There are laws in place to protect your tenants when it comes to this one, and well, just being a decent human being should prompt you to check this problem out immediately.
Big leaks- this may be storm damage, it could be an overflowing sink or toilet in one of you upper floor units. Either way, this is one you can’t wait until morning to handle.
Structural concerns- if a part of the building is caving in, it needs to be dealt with, pronto.
No running water. While you might be able to get by without it, your tenants may have issues that make this an immediate response situation.
Gas leaks. The odd smell is important to check out- and hopefully, you have given safety instructions in terms of who to contact if there is a gas smell.

Of course you don’t need to jump to deal with every concern after hours- however, you tenants should know that they are going to be able to rely on you should an emergency come up. Don’t let business hours keep you from responding to issues that need to be dealt with right away.

On that note, what odd or interesting maintenance requests have you gotten, as a property manager?

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By Kurt Kroeck

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