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Property managers do well on their own, but they do even better when they can connect, learn, and invest together. A property managers association can provide these types of benefits. By being a member, they have access to the most current skills, professional certifications for their business, and access to continuing education credits. But how can you determine which property managers association is right for you?

City Benefits

Living near a major city is a big determining factor when trying to find out which property managers association is going to be a good fit for you. Maybe you want an organization that’s more commercial or business focused rather than residential or single-family to be able to give you the skills and education you need. Living near a major city where a property managers association chapter is might also give you knowledge as to what the going rent rate is and other information that would be helpful to network about.

Investing Clubs

Investing clubs can be a great way to learn, share experiences, and be more successful together with the support of a group of people who are just as into investing as you are. Whether you’re interested in investing or new to the business, investing clubs might be a good way to go. Check out property managers associations that feature investing clubs in your area to get the most from this resource of information, as local clubs can provide a better fit for the information and advice you’re looking for relating to properties in the area or your niche within the market. This can also be another great way to network with other professionals—all while getting advice and enjoying the educational benefits of such a group.

Education and Resources

Finding the right property managers association may be based on your need for education and resources. Maybe you’re looking to learn more about property management whether it’s residential or commercial, or maybe you just need those continuing education credits to keep your business up to date and credible in this competitive market. Getting into the business with someone who needs to be trained? What about resources for property managers and the challenges they face? The National Association of Residential Property Managers is a great place to start looking if you need these types of things from a property managers association.

Are You New?

If you’re new, you may want to consider finding a property managers association that will not only help build the credibility of your business but also to help you stay informed about this industry. Keeping up with news in the business of property management can be beneficial for helping you learn what’s out there. Also, some property managers associations will list your business on their website—therefore directing more traffic and potential clients your way. You’ll also be able to build references or referrals with other property managers who you connect with via the property managers association. This can send even more business your way!

Connect With Other Professionals

Simply connecting with other property managers can be a great resource for you and your business. Discussing ideas, challenges, and potential real estate can be very helpful for your success. When trying to find a property managers association, look for an association that features discussion boards as a way to connect with other property managers and ask for advice. There’s a wealth of information out there just waiting for you to find it in these boards, where professional property managers like yourselves discuss questions, issues, and successes.

Do You Want Professional Certifications?

If you’re looking for professional certifications, consider a property managers association that offers courses that will get you or your business certified. These are the types of things you’ll be able to show that will add to your credibility when clients ask what your experience and knowledge is; this will also help you stand apart from all the other property managers out there trying to get clients. Never underestimate the power of a certification for your business. Common certifications include Residential Management Professional (NARPM), Certified Manager of Community Associations (CAI), and Certified Property Manager (IREM).

Finding a property managers association isn’t difficult, although making the choice about which one is right for you can be a little more challenging. By considering such things as location, investing clubs, whether you need access to education and certifications as well as resources, you can make an informed decision about which one will be the best for you.

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