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One of the greatest things about real estate is that you don’t need to be born with a silver spoon to become successful. In fact, people successful investors had to work their way up!

To prove that point, here are a few property management blogs to check out. Some are more successful than others, but they have all achieved noteworthy success.

Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pocketsbiggerpockets is probably the most well-known real estate investor blog. That’s because it’s more than just a blog- it has evolved into an entire community of over 3 MILLION investors. They help find each other days, give landlord advice and have a lot of great resources available.

One thing that stands out is the sheer amount of content available to the public for free. Even though you can sign up for a Pro account for additional content, you don’t need to- especially when you’re first getting started or just need some simple property management advice.

Bigger Pockets was started by Joshua Dorkin, but has since grown to include several other team members.

Bawld Guy

Bawld Guybawldguy doesn’t have the traditional blog style, as most of the site is broken into different types of articles. However, it has a lot of great information for both new and experienced investors.

As you might expect, this site was made by a real estate investment pro with over 35 years of experience. He loves teaching about the real estate market, and has various resources available on his site as well as leading events throughout the United States.

Build Bankroll

bankrollEven though Build Bankroll hasn’t been updated for a few years, it’s still a great resource. Over the few years that posts were regularly written, the owner was able to buy, rent and flip a lot of properties.

BB is one of our recommended property management blogs because it has a little bit of everything and is very easy to navigate. They have articles to help you buy and sell investment homes, manage your properties, perform wholesales, and a lot more.

Just be warned- their site layout is a bit outdated!

Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures

Shaun’s blogshauns-real-estate has been around since 2004, and was created by a guy who wanted to share his journey with the rest of the world. After 10 years, Shaun stopped updating the blog to focus on other things, but he is leaving it up to help others along their journey.

The best thing about Shaun’s site is that it reads almost like someone’s diary. He makes it easy to understand what he’s talking about, even if you’re fairly new to investing.

There are two negatives though- for one thing, the fact that he has moved on is too bad, as he has a lot of great insight to provide the world. The second is that his property management blog isn’t the easiest to navigate if you’re searching for a particular topic.

Afford Anything

Afford Anythingaffordanything is a little different than the others. Even though it provides great advice regarding real estate investing and property management, it’s more about the type of lifestyle that REI can bring.

The author, Paula, uses the passive income from her investments to travel the world. She spends weeks away from home at a time, but is able to do so because she has multiple homes with positive cash flow.

She also uses very simple formulas, for example she has a 1 Percent Rule, which means that the monthly rent from a home should be at least 1 percent of the purchase price. So if you can buy a home for $90K and collect $1K each month, that’s more than 1 percent of the total price so it may be a good buy.

More Property Management Blogs

There are other blogs out there, but many real estate blogs tend to die away after a few years- just like those on this list. That’s a good thing though, as it means they can focus more on managing their properties they’ve successfully acquired!

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