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We’ve talked a little bit about how to list your properties, and there are a few things that you can do to make things even better. One such thing is to create a map that highlights local attractions. If you look at most rental listings, people have no problem with pointing out the close proximity of their properties to different shopping, schools, restaurants and other things that would appeal. The thing is, going above and beyond this can create a competitive edge when you’re marketing your properties.

Visuals are always a good thing in listings, and this is no exception. People need to be able to think about living in these places, and being able to see them before they visit saves everyone time. So, making a custom map to display the benefits of living in that particular area can definitely make a difference.

Before you bust out the rulers and markers, wait. There are, of course a number of really excellent tools on the web that can help you to create the perfect map to showcase your neighborhood. By marketing not only the property but the whole of the area, you’ll stand a bunch better chance of increasing your appeal.

Google Maps: My Places

This is a really excellent, free resource. You can not only create your customized map using this tool, but you can also add varying points of interest that apply. Not only that, you can also add custom text, import youtube videos, pin things and add any additional information you feel is relevant.

Walk Score

Walk Score has paid and free options. The biggest benefit to Walk Score, is that you can embed the maps right into your Craigslist ad or website. This tool is particularly good if you are renting in an urban area or a college town where people might not be as car-dependent as say, a rural area. However, it’s also a fantastic way to showcase properties in its own right.

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