Should Your Property Offer a Business Center?

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have changed the way that people do business. Though many people have their own home computers and other technology, offering a business center on property is often a smart move. However, with the boom in mobile technology, people are reconsidering the way they set these business centers up.

manThe more modern apartment business center has to be designed for not just business, but going about the business of multitasking. Offering much more than simply a place where you can print documents, the modern business center offers that and so much more. It offers a place where you can work online, but also, where you could feasibly meet with a business associate.

 Because now more than ever, people are working from home, they want the best in technology. These advanced workspaces are no longer simply workspaces, they’re social settings that can vastly improve the live, work, and play lifestyle that many have adopted. These more modern, plush business centers do set apartment complexes that utilize them apart as an amenity that offers much more than just a printer. Many of the higher tier business centers offer not only lounging space and technology, but coffee bars, entertainment and other things that provide a big draw to prospective tenants who don’t necessarily want to camp out at libraries and coffee houses.

 One such property, the Optima Chicago Center in Downtown Chicago, which is a newer apartment complex, provides residents with a full 300 square foot business center. This highly specialized amenity also offers 17 private and furnished office spaces which can also be leased by their residents. Though not every property is going to go to such lengths, the popularity of such offerings does promote a lot of food for thought for those seeking to improve upon what can be feasibly offered. Gone are the days when a swimming pool and on site laundry were considered above and beyond in respect to what a property had to offer- now, keeping up with modern society means keeping up with the need for more technology based amenities on your property.

 If you’ve been considering adding a business center to your apartment’s amenities offerings- have you thought about offering more than just a wireless connection? What inspiration can you draw from the tech boom and how can you make it work to help improve your property’s appeal to prospective tenants?

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