Shopping-for-a-HomeWe mentioned 3 great tools you can use to find rentals and information about those areas, but here are two sites that most people immediately think of when looking for a new home – Trulia and Zillow. However, most people think that these sites are just for real estate agents, home owners, and home buyers. They can also be fantastic resources for finding rentals in any area you want.


Using the Trulia rental listings search is fairly straightforward. You can either go directly from the site’s landing page, clicking on “rental” and keying in your information or you can go to a full sitemap specifically for the rentals.

So, you key in the things you’re looking for, and it displays a list for you. However, with Trulia, you can then go to the city or neighborhood forum to directly ask locals about questions you may have. You’ll find them by clicking on Advice on the landing page or just clicking here.

Additionally, you have all the usual things you want to find in an apartment finder. You click on the listing and can see availability, you can contact the property management, and you can also use Trulia to check out the neighborhoods, just as you would if you were buying. Trulia has a lot of useful tools that help you to get a better idea of the areas you may be thinking about moving to, as well as the property listings.


Zillow is another very popular site for real estate that can also be used to search for rental properties. Their search is also simple and easy to navigate. Again, you can go directly to the rental landing page or you can just click “rentals” on the main site page.

Zillow has a very useful feature called Zestimates. Usually, this refers to any given property value but, they also offer Rental Zestimates which can be a big asset when you’re on an apartment or rental home search. Like other sites, you can look at the neighborhood data but this map screen with the list next to it can be a big help if say, you know your future employment is in a certain area. Or, you just have some place in mind. Hovering over any of those purple houses will bring up that exact listing.

Of course, both of these sites are good if you’re a property manager looking for an investment. Not only do they offer ease of use, but both sites make it simple to contact property owners, management and otherwise so that you can ask questions and get more information.

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