What Are the Preferred Homes?

What features do Americans consider when it comes to describing preferable homes? IKEA thought it best to ask this of 4,000 Americans, between ages 25-54 with an income of $35k, to discover what they described as good homes based on their living habits. It is vital to know what people look for in prospective homes if you’re in the real estate business. Staying on top of what Americans are looking for in the market will help you advertise your properties in a more appealing fashion for apartment and house hunters.

Relaxation and Comfort at it’s Most Desired

94-95% of responders to IKEA’s survey stated that home is a place to relax and feel safe and secure. A comfortable and relaxing environment ranked most desirable features of a home.

More Americans in the Family Room

Over 65% of responders claimed the most ‘popular’ room in the house, despite ethnicity or region. While over 80% say they are usually watching TV in the living room, 49% of responders are just hanging out in the family room.

Preparing and Sharing Meals; Most Memorable Moments at Home

Almost half, 43%, of the responders to IKEA’s survey stated that their favorite at home activity was preparing and having meals together, which was higher than any other activities in their homes. The largest complaint was the lack of counter and storage room.

Over 70% Making a Greener Effort

While 98% of survey responders said if given the chance they would purchase Energy Star rated appliances for their homes, 37% already use LED lights, 43% using heating and cooling techniques to save money, and 72% recycling their waste.

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By Kurt Kroeck

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