I was just speaking with a property manager, and somehow we ended up having a lengthy discussion about the seemingly accelerated effect that technology has on business and life in general.  Before dismissing this as “duh,” (for lack of a better term)…[re]consider a few specific words I included in this otherwise over-generalized statement: “…accelerated effect that technology has on business…”

This, in my mind, presents a dynamite topic of discussion, and after sharing my thoughts with a handful of clients, prospective clients, and colleagues…, I’ve realized that others recognize this topic’s relevancy, regardless of their independent opinions on subject.

These recent conversations have brought new depth to the issue…  Some folks agree with my original thesis, others do not.  Out of those who do agree, not all of them like these changes.  Of those who do not like the effect of new technology on business, some believe that the problems created can and will be fixed in time with further innovation.  And so on…and so forth.

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Today we field a great question from one of our RentPosters in California. It’s a great opportunity to discuss the ins and outs of condo investments, the current real estate market, and the future of the U.S. economy. Read closely, you will not want to miss this one, as we review the economic forecast for the coming decade.

“J” from California writes:

Tony,  I am a very conservative investor, but elected to retire early at 48, about 3 years ago, and put a majority of my portfolio into real estate rentals.  I own 4 homes in Ohio and 1 (and a quarter) in California.  With the down market, they are likely worth about 1.1 or 1.2 million right now.  I also have about 300k in mutual funds and 50k or so of cash.  I own all of them out right…

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