College students traveling home for the holidays should prepare their apartments to stand vacant.

Winter holidays are coming and college students are getting ready to trek home for an extended break from their studies…and their rental housing. Students generally get a week long break for Thanksgiving and a 3 to 4 week break for winter holidays. Their exodus leaves a lot of rental units empty and vulnerable to property […]


Texas capital city has much to offer those that move to it. Austin Texas is generally known for being host to a varied and flourishing local music and arts scene and also carries a rather fun unofficial slogan: Keep Austin Weird.

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bad tenants

Next up in my local places series, I’m exploring Georgia laws around late payment of rent. I have spoken to a number of landlords and property management professionals about the most common questions they have. Probably the second most asked question is: what do I do if I have a tenant that needs to pay late? This is not a problem that is isolated to Georgia, so if you’re a landlord in another state, always check your state laws. The legal process varies from state to state.

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Multi-family housing across the nation is on the uptick due to restricted credit markets and other economic issues. More and more people are shifting towards lifestyles that involve a lot of flexibility and all of this comes together to broaden rental markets. Because more people want the flexibility to move, should opportunity arise for better job prospects and because many people are hesitant about taking out mortgages, more people are renting rather than buying. Saint Louis rental trends have definitely been seeing the results of that.

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When it comes to statistics, Zillow, the real estate directory site has listings in practically every city in the country, and it’s been issuing reports on the state of the real estate market.

Their last report was issued in February. That Real Estate Market Report reaffirmed what many have noted on the real estate scene: the continuing success of rental investments and the furthering decline of home values.

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