We want everyone to be able to store whatever it is they need within their RentPost account for later reference and good house-keeping.  So, effective today, we’ve doubled the amount of storage on all plans.  When logging into your RentPost account, you should now notice more available storage, right away.  So, get to uploading!

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Every landlord and property manager knows that collecting rent can be a hassle.  Luckily with systems like RentPost, your life is made easier.  We’ve now gone one step further to make the process a little more protective during a potential eviction process. RentPost supports partial payments.  We strongly believe that by allowing partial payments, not […]

conman11399037XSmallIt’s recently come to our attention that an individual(s) believed to be in the Czech Republic (probably looking something like the guy on the left) is luring tenants, primarily out of Canada, to attractive rental properties at great rental rates, only to be scammed into wiring funds to an overseas bank account.  It’s sad, it’s unfortunate, it’s elaborate, and it’s working.

So, why are we writing to tell you about this?  These types of things happen on a daily basis, all over the internet.  They come in all different fashions and forms.

We want to be sure no one else is affected by this scheme where the landlord claims to be using RentPost.  Remember what your mama told you… “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.  So, don’t fall victim to scams!

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We’re always happy to share our vision and what we’re doing with others.  Recently, Jacob Thomason met with All Property Management to discuss the RentPost platform and how it can help property managers and landlords, alike.  All Property Management did a quick write-up on the meeting and posted it on their blog.  Feel free to have […]


We’re happy to announce the latest update to the RentPost system.  Just this past week we’ve been pushing out a series of releases around two different systems.  The first is our email system.  We’ve made some infrastructure improvements to how email is handled and delivered through RentPost.  Our hope is that this will continue to […]


e9af60b20927c6de1537b9e307369267e5We’ve just pushed out a new release that includes support for #9 standard double window envelopes (invoice double window) as well as #10 standard single window envelopes for all your tenant statements.  It will actually support a few others as well, but these are specifically the ones tested and for which the tenant statements were designed.

The new design brings some other changes to improve clarity on the statement and overall layout enhancements as well.  Also as part of this update, and part of a few smaller past updates, we’ve addressed and improved the following particulars.

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It’s been a minute since we last spoke about updates.  So, as I’m sure you can imagine, we’ve been really busy.  We’ve been diligently working on many core enhancements to the RentPost platform that will enable us to, not only provide a faster and more robust experience, but also pave the way to lots of […]


Tutorial videos have arrived! We have created many different videos that will guide you in making the most out of your Rentpost account. Check them out on our YouTube channel or on our support forums under video tutorials. Some of the videos include: how to add a unit and tenants, how to create late fee […]

We’ve just added support for all of RentPost’s awesome property management features in our Aqua plan, starting at only $29/mo.  We’ve heard from many smaller property management companies and others just getting started that they needed a cheaper entry point.  Well, we’re announcing just that.  So, now you can get all the great features of […]

Hot on the heels of our last update is another one.  This time we have added some exciting improvements to the tenant profiles.  You’ll now have access to the latest feed items recorded for a tenant and a ledger style transaction history report.  When generating your management fees, we’ve improved the workflow.  Now you can […]

docsWe’re very pleased to announce the latest release to RentPost and we think you’ll all be pretty excited about this one!  Let’s all start the new year off right, and stay more organized than ever.  And with our new Document Storage system elegantly built into the RentPost system, it’ll even be enjoyable!  Yep, I said it!  Staying organized can now be enjoyable!

The new document storage system allows you to attach documents to the Company as a whole, Units, Tenants, Managers/Colleagues, and Work Orders.  We’ll also be adding some other associations in the future.  You can create custom groups for your documents to further organize and refine your searches.  Associated documents can be accessed with quick icons and links throughout the software, showing you just the documents for that specific association.  There is also a document management view which allows you to see all your documents within the system, with full controls and the on-the-fly filtering and searching you’ve come to love!

In addition to this amazing new document storage system, we’re introducing full support for international addresses.  You can now customize your address fields to fit any country’s format.  We’re excited to bring this feature to our international clients and hope that it will meet the needs of future international clients as well!

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In lieu of some recent events with the migration, we’ve postponed this event until the night of November 18.  All other factors will hold equal and as previously stated.  Again, we’re looking forward to having this completed as we’ve been testing it internally and the speeds are great!  Thanks!


Keeping everyone in the loop, I wanted to share the latest regarding RentPost’s infrastructure and our current initiatives moving forward as we prepare for a move of our production environment. Over the past couple months we’ve been experiencing increasingly large usage numbers.  This is great, we couldn’t be happier!  Thank you all for the continued […]

Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 3.44.54 AM

It’s update time again!  This time we’ve added the ability to filter your rent roll by unit group and by owner.  This comes in addition to our intelligent filter, which you can find on all of your reports.  With this addition, you’ll be able to get exactly what you want out of your rent roll. […]

Screen Shot 2012-10-17 at 1.57.31 AM

We’ve released the latest update for RentPost.  With this update comes a few exciting new features and some large core changes. The first new feature is a company field to all commercial tenant records.  If you fill in details for the company, it will now be displayed over the first and last name throughout the […]


Hot on the heals of our notice the other day about staying up on the latest with RentPost updates, comes an update with which you’ll want to pay close attention.  We’ve updated the way that end of leases are handled by default within RentPost.  Traditionally, it’s common that upon the expiration of a lease, the […]


Over the past month, we’ve pushed out a series of updates, important things that have been requested and needed for the continual progression of any great software product.  We released 2 big features, and series of more fine tuned updates, like the way we handle end of lease system automated services, our settings system and […]

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 2.32.15 AM

The first of the month is starting to roll around and you want to send out tenant statements.  Instead of printing statements off one by one, we’ve added a new mass statement report/printing feature.  This is also a really quick way to get a single tenant statement if you wish. To get started, just go […]

Screen Shot 2012-08-29 at 2.47.39 AM

Get organized and start tagging your units.  Do you need to know which units to perform gutter checks on in the fall?  Need to know which units need gas line checks?  Or do you just need to know which units have certain bills to be paid?  Regardless of the reasons you might have, tagging can […]

We’ve pushed out more updates!  This time, the updates include a lot of fixes and performance enhancements.  Along with these though, we’ve also pushed out the ability to filter down your expenses (Payables > receipts) based on the respective GL Account.  So, if you’re looking to find out how much you’ve spent on this or […]

You guys have been asking for it and we’re delivering.  We’ve just released the latest version of the RentPost application which includes tenant statements, some upgrades to the owner statements and some fixes and updates.  The owner statements can easily be accessed from the tenant’s action tab. You can of course access the tenant statements […]

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just rolled out a new update to the RentPost application featuring the ability to transfer your tenant accounts from one unit to another.  In addition to this new feature, this release includes a lot of fixes and improvements throughout.   As always, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions […]


It’s update time folks and we have some really exciting updates for you.  We’ve overhauled our work order backend to support custom work order workflows, work order assignments to vendors and colleagues, custom questions for adding a work order, assignable to just tenants or everyone and much more!  We also have some exciting add-ons we’re working to release along side this new work order system.

Included in this update are the usual fixes, some speed improvements, and patches as well.  We’re keeping our promise to be continually improving the RentPost software, simplifying rent!

Have a look at a few of the screenshots of the new work order features below…

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Tony Salloum discussing Rentpost on Business Radio

We have printable receipts! High on the feature request list from many managers has been the need to print a receipt when accepting a payment in the office, as opposed to writing one out by hand. We of course agree… no one wants to write out receipts by hand. So, I am pleased to announce that in our lastest release, we’ve just launched this feature.

Printing receipts is very simple too, and can be done a couple ways…

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