TWiRP – October 29, 2016

Cannabis starting to affect Real Estate Market

The first-ever cannabis REIT filed to go public last week and is in talks to acquire its first property in New York state for $30 million.  As the appetite for cannabis grows, so can the profits for the REIT, which will collect rent as well as benefit from increasing property values. Cannabis has already dramatically boosted the warehouse business in Colorado, where marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use. Vacancies in the sector are way down and rents are up.

How does an election affect the real estate market?

Every four years an odd phenomenon where the market first slows, and then crawls, and then stops … and then jumps and starts, all inexplicably, until we realize it’s a presidential election year. Reports state that when respondents are directly asked what their general sentiment is regarding conditions in the commercial real estate industry for the next 12 months. Responses were an average of 2.5 percent more negative compared to six months prior. There’s no doubt politics play a vital role in this negative sentiment, warranted or not.

The 5 Best and Worst Cities for Real Estate Investing 

Some cities are booming and some are slumping. This article shows us a variety of cities and why they are falling or thriving. Figure out if your city ranks below.

Wealthy Investors still looking into Real Estate despite slowdown

Despite the chill winds of a softening luxury real estate market and political uncertainty across the globe, it’s still a buyer’s market for the ultra-wealthy, a recent survey suggests. The YouGov survey found that 25 percent of the wealthy were looking to purchase new property over the next three years, with 18 percent looking to sell.

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