Airbnb Nightmares

Thinking about converting that long-term rental into a short-term Airbnb?  Or even considering a new investment for this purpose?  You might want to think twice if everything on the other end of the pond is looking to be peaches and roses.  Because that’s far from the truth. In addition to the fact that short-term rentals are an entirely different business model, requiring constant cleaning...

Converting Traditional Rentals into Airbnb: But Does it Make Sense?

App based businesses are taking the world and smartphones by storm. Apps like Uber have revolutionized the way we travel across big cities by using GPS based car requests on smartphones. Overnight, individuals with their own car could apply to be an Uber driver, and just like that, these drivers had a great money-making opportunity in the palms of their hands. Uber was just the beginning. Now...

TWiRP – August 1, 2015

This week in rental property, mortgage rates fell below 4% after the Federal Reserve signaled to increase interest rates this year. CNBC cited the expected effects of the Fed’s rate hike. Once again, U.S. home rental prices rose in June with the homeownership rate down to the lowest level in 48 years. According to a study, Airbnb is making even harder to find apartments in New York City...

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