The Story

RentPost’s realization originated from the need to collect rent online and manage personal rental property. Without a solution available, worthy of consideration, we set out to give landlords and property managers a solution to finally simplify their lives.

During our search, we found software that was bloated, software that appeared to be developed by amateurs, and some that we'd be embarrassed to call a alpha build. We're perfectionists, emboldened by achievement and client zeal. We're building the most comprehensive, easy to use, property management software system ever. We're building something we're proud to call our own, something we use ourselves, and we settle for nothing but the best. We invite you to join us in simplifying rent.

The Company

Based in Athens, GA, a breeding ground for rental activity, RentPost offers a cloud-based software service that allows property managers and landlords, alike, to manage all aspects of their business, while providing tenants the source of information and activity demanded from the modern renter. Mediocrity is not an option, and detail commands our undying attention. We set ourselves apart with a problem-solving, people serving approach to property management and how it is coupled with the ever-evolving World Wide Web. Here’s how...

RentPost believes in embracing change. The Internet has evolved from the static web sites, dial-up modems and desktop software to highly customizable, personable web sites with unique communicative features, high-speed broadband, and web-based software, where all of the updates, maintenance, and infrastructure are maintained for you. We exist as a tool for property managers to relieve themselves from the strife of the ancient software from the ‘90s and early 2000’s, propelling property management, and rental property investment into web culture, allowing users to take advantage of the potential for high efficiency, provided by the world’s paradigm shift toward virtual communication for personal and business matters.

We don’t stop there.

We, at RentPost, believe in more than just taking rental property businesses online; the software is easy and fun to use, engaging our users and promoting full participation from managers, tenants, and property owners alike. By continually molding our software in such a way that leads to consistent user access and participation, the strain on your business is, in large part, lifted. Imagine software that even your tenants eagerly use: reporting and accounting are automated as tenants input their own information regarding payment, maintenance requests, and communication. The Internet is the most efficient conduit of information exchange available; by building software that promotes a participation in this exchange, we take the concept of ease in web based property management out of the realm of theory and into reality.

Think about it.

How would eBay perform if potential purchasers did not participate in the online bidding process? Would Facebook be the juggernaut it is if users did not respond to friend requests? How would online chat function properly if few or none of your contacts made themselves available for discussion? Incentives for everyone to use the software for various rental needs and desires, along with a straightforward, user-friendly, and interactive design, engages everyone who logs on, and users communicate pertinent information while taking part in something enjoyable. We take that information, store it, organize it, and present it where, when, and how users need it. Tenants no longer dispute past issues, as they may access their own past transaction, work order, and communication histories. Owners no longer rely on managers to provide up-to-date answers on the status and complexion of their rental properties, as they may access detailed, itemized, and up-to-the-minute reports on every aspect of concern from income to problem-unit analysis whenever and wherever they choose. Managers no longer serve as the middleman for all interested properties, and any lag in communication or status updates are eliminated, by removing the tedious from your business. With a tool like the Internet available, there is no need to manually document and organize every aspect of rental activity. Simplify your world by using a software that actually seizes the Web’s capacity, adding functional, useful, and capable tools that simplify your life by “Simplifying Rent.” Let the web do the work you don’t want to; we’ve found the way to make that possible.

Athens, GA
Downtown Athens, Georgia