Climate Change Could Swamp East Coast Real Estate Rising sea levels are changing the way people think about waterfront real estate. Over the past five years, home sales in flood-prone areas grew about 25 percent. This has made state lawmakers in Massachusetts and New Jersey to begin pushing to impose new rules on real estate […]

property maintenance companies

Investigating property maintenance companies is something every landlord and property manager has to deal with at one point or another. Unless you’re large enough that you have an in-house crew, you’ll need to call on the experts to help with both minor and major issues now and again. But some people- especially DIY landlords- are reluctant […]


Thinking about converting that long-term rental into a short-term Airbnb?  Or even considering a new investment for this purpose?  You might want to think twice if everything on the other end of the pond is looking to be peaches and roses.  Because that’s far from the truth. In addition to the fact that short-term rentals are […]

realty management

A great realty management company is one of an investor’s most important assets. Even though the real estate itself is great, it’s a great management company that makes the investment worth it. The reasons why are the exact same reasons why this industry will never go away. Even though things like rental property management software […]


How Trump’s Presidency Could Impact Real Estate Markets After the recent election investors are curious about how Trump’s Presidency will affect real estate. Based on his current values there will no doubt be a short-term stimulus to the economy. A combination of tax cuts and government spending in the form of upgrading nation’s infrastructure and […]

rental management companies

Let’s face it- there are a lot of rental management companies out there. Some are just 1-2 people deep, while the larger companies have hundreds of employees. Trying to decide which one to hire can be frustrating. There are tons of things to consider, from cost and experience to location and certifications. This is especially […]


How a 28-Year-Old Plans to Upend the $81 Trillion Global Real Estate Investment Market In 2014 Ryan Williams founded Cadre now, Williams and friend, alongside a slew of a-list investors who have plowed $68.3 million into Cadre. Today, Cadre is an invitation-only platform that directly connects high-net-worth and institutional investors to commercial and multi-family real […]


How is Innovation and Technology affecting the Real Estate Industry The MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab explores three areas: innovations in building design that lead to new building types; new processes in construction such as 3-D printing and modular construction; and new data technologies with the potential to transform the organization of cities. These kind […]


As a landlord or property owner; it’s your responsibility to ensure that everything in your property is operating smoothly. One of the most important parts of any house is the plumbing system — particularly the water lines. Some house owner’s often forget to have their pipes renewed. Failure to replace an aging or damaged pipe will […]


Cannabis starting to affect Real Estate Market The first-ever cannabis REIT filed to go public last week and is in talks to acquire its first property in New York state for $30 million.  As the appetite for cannabis grows, so can the profits for the REIT, which will collect rent as well as benefit from […]


Higher rates don’t mean the death of housing Concerns about the impact of what’s expected to be higher Federal Reserve interest rates on the property market are overblown, Jonathan Gray, global head of real estate at Blackstone, told CNBC on Tuesday. “We’re later in the cycle, but some people are getting a bit too negative,” said Gray, who […]


How Grandma can help the housing crunch If your community’s zoning keeps people from carving little apartments out of existing homes, it doesn’t just add to some abstract housing shortage. It also oppresses Grandma — and lots of other would-be renters. Accessory apartments aren’t some fad that arose last week at a new-urbanism conference. They’re part […]


Future-Proofing Your Property with Technology The concept know as “future-proofing” is getting a lot of attention from property manager’s throughout the United States.  For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of future-proofing, its I hope this article will help explain it further. If you enjoy or strive to create an ambient environment for future […]


Millennials Will Be Renting Much Longer After the release of an analysis of homeownership by John Burns, a real estate consultant, Millennials will be renting for a much longer time than previous generations due to job mobility, high mortgage rates, and low liquidity. This is relevant to the modern day landlord and property manager for the […]

list of property management companies

Even though some companies specialize in single-family homes, this list of property management companies is for those that work with apartments. It makes sense that the largest primarily manage apartments, because of the ability to scale that single-family homes just don’t afford. The largest apartment management companies manage over 400,000 units! Could you imagine taking care of that many […]

property management solution

Picking the right property management solution for you can be frustrating. While it’s tempting for many to manage the property themselves to save money, others will choose to hire someone to do it for them. And even when you do hire them, there are lots of companies vying for your business. There’s also the issue of how the property […]

diy project tips for landlords 2

Owning a rental property isn’t easy. Part of the business is maintaining the house, which is (often) most cost effective if you do it yourself. After all, what else are you going to do in the evenings or on a Saturday afternoon? That’s why I put together a few DIY project tips for landlords to keep […]

apartment management companies

Are you looking for apartment management companies to help take a load off your shoulders? Being a landlord is tough enough as it is, but if you’re also taking care of everything yourself, you’re adding more stress to yourself than you need to. For those on the hunt, I have good news and bad news. […]

For any new property owner preparing to lease out their property has to decide, “How am I going to set my rent prices?” This decision will naturally have many variables involved, but knowing how to set rent prices is critical to your success as a landlord. Some of these variables will be more impactful than […]

Let’s face it- anyone who reads the best real estate books will have a huge advantage over people who just “wing it.” Even though reading may feel boring or useless to some people, it’s the easiest, least expensive way to learn from those who have already succeeded (and failed!) in this space. The problem is […]

how much should property managers charge

How much should property managers charge? Being a property manager is hard work. Flipping a property acquisition into a worthwhile investment is a skill most of us only dream of having. Setting a price to such an important skill set can be difficult. How Much Should Property Managers Charge? It Depends on Your Expertise When […]

average property management fees

If you’re done trying to manage your own property and doing a cash flow analysis, figuring out the average property management fees for your area is important. Even though these fees vary from PM to PM and firm to firm, there are a few things that tend to stay consistent throughout the industry. Here’s what […]

rental management services

Rental management services are a combination of all the large and seemingly insignificant tasks that go in to managing rental properties. There are various ways a property owner can process these services, such as, property management software, property managers, or a property management agency. Regardless of who is delegated to complete these tasks, they are […]

Full service property management runs the gamut. Essentially, they take care of everything regarding the property, and should only come to you (as the landlord) with status updates and major issues. To be more specific, here are the services to expect: Full Service Property Management- Tenant Mgt. Your property manager should take care of everything […]

how to hire a lawn care service

Knowing how to hire a lawn care service for your properties is one of those contracting needs property owners need to consider. Thankfully, due to its distinct nature, lawn care maintenance isn’t as complicated as say electrical, pluming or roofing. However, that isn’t to say lawn care services aren’t a crucial part of any real-estate […]