Condo Management

Condo property management has several unique challenges. Even though it is similar to other kinds of property management, such as apartments or single-family homes, there are a few things you’ll want to manage differently. Here are a few examples. Note that this is assuming you are the condo association’s property manager, not managing just one […]

Certified Property Manager

The Advantages of Using Property Manager Software Owning rental properties is unbelievably rewarding. Real estate is just one of the few markets in which you can have total control of your working lifestyle. Currently, the markets are primed for you to take advantage of unprecedented real estate potential. But with great opportunity comes even greater […]

ROI Rental Management

You’ve taken the plunge. The rental market is bursting at the seams with potential and your dreams of conquering the real-estate market are about to be realized. You’ve got the perfect property. Check. You’ve established your consumer base (rentals). Check. Your location is desirable and the timing couldn’t have been better. Yet there is still […]

Mobile Home Park

Mobile home park management is unique. Even though some aspects are similar to managing a group of single family homes or apartment complex, investors new to this niche will be surprised by a few things. The good news is by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be in less of a surprise regarding […]

how to install a furnace uv light

As a landlord, you need to make your home stand out from the pack, right? One way to do that is to offer a healthier home than the competition, such as one with a furnace UV light. These lights have been used for years in hospitals, research labs, and other sterile environments to help kill […]


Most landlords choose the DIY property management route. They would rather have that extra 10-12% coming into their wallets instead of a property management company, even if it means dealing with every problem themselves. This approach definitely has some advantages, but there are some steep costs to pay as well. This is especially true as […]

Fixing a Clogged Sink

Everyone gets a clogged bathroom sink from time to time. It’s inevitable, as things like hair, soap, makeup and random other things get rinsed down on a daily basis. Fortunately, unclogging it is pretty easy and can be done in no time. There are a few different methods you can use, but they all start […]

Home Owners Association Management

Homeowner’s association management can make or break a community. There’s a reason why some HOAs are known as strict, rule-driven Nazis while others are loved by the entire neighborhood! When you’re in charge of an HOA, or at least a member of the board, here are a few things to keep in mind to succeed: […]

How to fix a Leaking Faucet

You don’t have to be a certified plumber to fix a leaky faucet. Even though that constant drip, drip, drip may be one of the most annoying things in the world… it’s actually very easy to repair. You will need a few tools though: An adjustable C wrench Screwdrivers- having both flathead and Phillips is […]

Rental Repair Management

Every landlord with long-term success takes great care of their properties. They realize that even though it can be tempting to let houses start to fall apart just to save a few bucks, it pays to keep the house in good shape. That’s why rental repair management is so important. But as your portfolio grows […]

New Year Housing Market Predictions

Reading opinion articles about the future of the housing market is always interesting. On the one hand, some people argue that home prices will peak in 2016, so investors should be wary. Meanwhile others claim that the market won’t reverse itself quite yet, and will continue to grow until at least 2019. So who’s right? […]

2015 Housing Market Recap

If you invest in real estate- whether it’s as a landlord or just the home you live in- 2015 was a good year. Here are a few highlights of what we saw these last 12 months. Interest Rates Will Finally Start Going Back Up Interest rates were frozen at rock-bottom numbers for almost a decade. […]

cats apartment

If you ask most people with a pet how they feel about them, they’ll quickly answer that it’s part of the family. People LOVE their critters, which can be a sticky point for landlords. As someone looking to engage in a business relationship with tenants, you have a lot of questions to ask yourself about […]


Most experts agree- the U.S. housing market still has tons of opportunities for home buyers… but those opportunities won’t last forever. Especially with the rate increase announced by the Fed this week, it makes more sense to buy now rather than continue renting and miss out on more growth. TWiRP The Housing Market Hasn’t Peaked Yet Despite […]


Whether it is a new key that doesn’t quite glide or a mailbox key that always gets stuck, a sticky lock is always a hassle! Before you go through the trouble of changing the locks or getting a new key, here are some tips to get your lock working without busting the budget or upsetting […]

Maintenance Guy

When you’re a tenant, you normally look to your landlord to take care of you. Even though you have several responsibilities (such as keeping the home sanitary), the landlord is supposed to take care of the home itself and maintenance that may be required to care for the property. But when something breaks, should the […]

Moving is always a stressful time. To help ease your stress a bit, here’s a short guide on how to prepare for a move out inspection!

Moving is always a stressful time. On top of your normal duties like work, family and hobbies, you also have to find time deal with everything involved in moving! To help ease your stress a bit, here’s a short guide on how to prepare for a move out inspection. Is a Move Out Inspection Required? Not […]


This week in rental property, mortgage rates slipped for the third straight week. While the Fed is signalling to raise interest rates later this month, the Wall Street Journal gave a talk on how the U.S. housing fundamentals will withstand the interest increase. The New York Times analyzed the trend in Chinese investments on U.S. housing […]


It’s Friday night and you’re hosting a party. The guests will be there any minute… and then your child explains that they just clogged the toilet! During these fun situations where you don’t have time to run out to the store, here’s how to unclog a toilet without a plunger. In fact, here are several […]

eviction notice

Having to evict a tenant is never fun… but it’s something every landlord has to do at one point or another. When you are renting out property as a source of income and building wealth, you have to remember that you have a business relationship first, and a personal relationship second. If your tenant isn’t holding […]


This week in rental property, average 30-year fixed mortgage rate inched back to 3.95% from 3.97% a week earlier. Many analysts are expecting the era of under 4 percent mortgage rate to end soon. Rising home and rental prices are showing no sign of slowing down and pulling back sales of existing homes in October. UBS announced 12 […]

rentpost sign post logo

We’ve recently pushed out a series of updates around balances within the RentPost system.  These updates have included a lot of core changes that enable us to provide faster load times and increased accuracy of balances across the various pages and portals. Over the next few months you’ll start to see more balance related terminology […]

Manage Rental Property

There are lucrative opportunities for real estate agents who think outside of the box. Many innovative and enterprising real estate agents managing rental property are already exploiting a possibly golden opportunity.  However, buyer beware – work is involved, like anything worth doing. Side Income Real estate agents should consider managing rental property because it can […]


This week in rental property, mortgage rates rose up to 3.98 percent in in anticipation of a Federal Reserve rate hike next month. Housing market is recovering but the number of first-time home buyers are at the lowest point in 28 years. HomeUnion announced top 10 investment markets in the U.S. for single-family rentals and Coldwell Banker’s released […]

Condominium investment is a great way to get started in real estate. It’s one of the better ways to start building up a portfolio of rental properties.

Condominium investment is a great way to get started in real estate. Even though there are a few cons to this form of investing, it’s generally one of the better ways to start building up a portfolio of rental properties. Here are a few reasons both for and against condominium investment: Pro #1: Lower Upfront […]