The Top 10 Costliest Landlord Mistakes

Classic business philosophy teaches that a great part of survival and subsequent success lies in an operation’s ability to reduce mistakes. The cost of repairing these landlord mistakes is inversely proportional to the amount of profit potential of the operation. In other words…”Mistakes Kill the Profit Margin!!!!!” As landlord’s, we don’t want to do damage to...

Apartment Complex – WI-FI FAIL

OK, so I figured we would start this off a bit lighthearted with an excellent snapshot posted up at one of our favorite sites, failblog.org.  So, I think this should be pretty self-explanatory, but apparently someone at this apartment complex has confused HI-FI with WI-FI/Wifi/wifi/WIFI. What a WI-FI fail! While we have definitely seen our fair share of apartment complex fails over the years...

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