TWiRP – September 12, 2015

This week in rental property, average mortgage rates inched up before next week’s Federal Reserve announcement. Wall Street Journal argues that the recovery of housing sector isn’t contributing much to overall US economic growth, while Bloomberg suggests a different point of view. NBC news reports big investors are buying more new homes for rental purposes. Based on Trulia’s...

Planning a Renovation

All too often, the money spent on renovation offers absolutely no return on investment. The reason for this is simple: most people believe that they need to make grand, sweeping renovations in order to increase appeal, and by virtue of that, improve the return on investment. This harkens to the “you have to spend money to make money” mentality, but when it comes to changes to a property, that may...

House Flipping To Rent

It’s no big secret that the rental market was flooded when the housing bubble burst. Rents have been going up since then, and as 2013 comes to a close- they’re at about a 4% increase. As this happens, many people are obtaining rental properties and investing in this way. It’s not without merit, as economists have predicted that the yield on these will hit about 6% soon. One way that many are...

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