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After Hours Maintenance Emergencies

It was a dark and stormy night- and you, sleeping peacefully in the poppies, had no idea that disaster was striking on one of your properties. The roof began to leak to the point that the tenants were considering renting a tugboat to help move their stuff out. A tornado came, picked the house up and dropped it on some poor elderly lady’s sister. There was a small dog, and a lady floating in a...

Notice and Repair Issues For Property Management

One of the best ways to keep tenants happy is to keep up on repairs to the properties as they arise. All too often, the big issues with plumbing or heating need to be dealt with in a very timely fashion, however, this is where you run into a bit of an issue: advance notice. In most areas, all this is, is letting your tenants know 24 hours in advance you’ll be stopping by. There are situations...

Customize your Maintenance Workflow for Your Company

It’s update time folks and we have some really exciting updates for you.  We’ve overhauled our work order backend to support custom work order workflows, work order assignments to vendors and colleagues, custom questions for adding a work order, assignable to just tenants or everyone and much more!  We also have some exciting add-ons we’re working to release along side this new...

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